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Justifying War

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Table of contents

1. Justifying War: Propaganda, Politics and The Modern Age
Jo Fox, David Welch

Part I. Empire, War and The Modern Age: Imperialism and Conflict in the Nineteenth Century

2. Justifying the South African War: Boer Propaganda, 1899–1902
Frans-Johan Pretorius

3. Justifying ‘New Imperialism’: The Making of Colonial Heroes, 1857–1902
Berny Sèbe

Part II. The First World War: Conflict and Aftermath

4. War Aims and the ‘Big Ideas’ of 1914
David Welch

5. ‘Why We Are At War’: Justifying War in Britain, 1914
Catriona Pennell

6. Advertising and the Public in Britain during the First World War
James Aulich

7. Justifying Chemical Warfare: The Origins and Ethics of Britain’s Chemical Warfare Programme, 1915–1939
Ulf Schmidt

8. Britain’s ‘Last Crusade’: From War Propaganda to War Commemoration, c. 1914–1930
Stefan Goebel

Part III. The Second World War: Justifying Global Conflict

9. Saving Civilization: British Public Opinion and the Coming of War in 1939
Richard Overy

10. ‘There will be no war’: The Daily Express and the Approach of War, 1938–39
Sian Nicholas

11. Fighting for Freedom: The Second World War and a Century of American War Propaganda
Susan A. Brewer

12. From War Talk to Rights Talk: War Aims and Human Rights in the Second World War
Jay Winter

Part IV. Cold War: Justifying Ideologies

13. ‘The Great Movement to Resist America and Assist Korea’: How Beijing Sold the Korean War
Gary D. Rawnsley

14. Aesthetic Enemies: The ‘Two Cultures’ Theory at the Outset of the Cold War
Oliver Johnson

15. Justifying Vietnam: The United States Information Agency’s Vietnam Campaign for International Audiences
Nicholas J. Cull

Part V. Into the Modern Age: Justifying War in the Twenty-first Century

16. Humanitarian War: Justifying Western Military Intervention, 1991–2001
Stephen Badsey

17. Cosmopolitanism and Precautionary War
Philip Hammond

18. Justifying the Iraq War and Managing the Media: A Comparative Historical Analysis
Rob Johnson

19. Losing the (Information) War on Terror
Philip M. Taylor

20. The Role of the Media in Justifying and Promoting War
Phillip Knightley

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, Political History, Historiography and Method, European History, Modern History, Social History, Military and Defence Studies

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