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The Palgrave Handbook of Olympic Studies

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Helen Jefferson Lenskyj, Stephen Wagg

Part I. The Modern Olympics: Pre-History

2. The Ancient Olympics and the Modern: Mirror and Mirage
Mark Golden

3. Pierre de Coubertin: Man and Myth
Dikaia Chatziefstathiou

Part II. The Olympics: Case Studies

4. The 1904 Olympic Games: Triumph or Nadir?
David Lunt, Mark Dyreson

5. The Nazi Olympics: Berlin 1936
David Clay Large

6. The Early Cold War Olympics, 1952–1960: Political, Economic and Human Rights Dimensions
Barbara Keys

7. The Winter Olympics: Geography Is Destiny?
Helen Jefferson Lenskyj

8. Olympic Tales from the East: Tokyo 1964, Seoul 1988 and Beijing 2008
John Horne, Wolfram Manzenreiter

9. The XXI Olympiad: Canada’s Claim or Montreal’s Gain?: Political and Social Tensions Surrounding the 1976 Montreal Olympics
Terrence Teixeira

10. A Gold Medal for the Market: The 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, the Reagan Era, and the Politics of Neoliberalism
Rick Gruneau, Robert Neubauer

11. A Source of Crisis?: Assessing Athens 2004
John Karamichas

12. Bringing the Mountains into the City: Legacy of the Winter Olympics, Turin 2006
Egidio Dansero, Alfredo Mela

13. The Social and Spatial Impacts of Olympic Image Construction: The Case of Beijing 2008
Anne-Marie Broudehoux

14. Living Lula’s Passion?: The Politics of Rio 2016
Bryan C. Clift, David L. Andrews

Part III. The Olympics: Disciplines

15. The Making – and Unmaking? – of the Olympic Corporate Class
Alan Tomlinson

16. The Economics and Marketing of the Olympic Games from Bid Phase to Aftermath
Christopher A. Shaw

17. The Rings and the Box: Television Spectacle and the Olympics
Garry Whannel

18. The Olympic Movement’s New Media Revolution: Monetisation, Open Media and Intellectual Property
Andy Miah, Jennifer Jones

19. Myth, Heritage and the Olympic Enterprise
Toby C. Rider, Kevin B. Wamsley

20. The Olympics, the Law and the Contradictions of Olympism
Steve Greenfield, Mark James, Guy Osborn

Part IV. The Olympics: Social and Political Issues

21. Tilting at Windmills? Olympic Politics and the Spectre of Amateurism
Stephen Wagg

22. Celebrate Humanity: Cultural Citizenship and the Global Branding of ‘Multiculturalism’
Michael D. Giardina, Jennifer L. Metz, Kyle S. Bunds

23. The Paralympic Movement: Empowerment or Disempowerment for People with Disabilities?
Otto J. Schantz, Keith Gilbert

24. The Olympics and the Environment
John Karamichas

25. Securing the Olympic Games: Exemplifications of Global Governance
Philip Boyle

26. The Use of Performance-enhancing Substances in the Olympic Games: A Critical History
Ian Ritchie

27. The Olympic Industry and Women: An Alternative Perspective
Helen Jefferson Lenskyj

28. Disciplining Sex: ‘Gender Verification’ Policies and Women’s Sport
Jaime Schultz

29. The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name: Corruption and the Olympics
Andrew Jennings

30. ‘There Will Be No Law that Will Come Against Us’: An Important Episode of Indigenous Resistance and Activism in Olympic History
Christine M. O’Bonsawin

31. The Olympics and Indigenous Peoples: Australia
Toni Bruce, Emma Wensing

32. The Olympics: East London’s Renewal and Legacy
Gavin Poynter

33. The Olympic Games and Housing
Hazel Blunden

34. Anti-Olympic Campaigns
Konstantinos Zervas

Part V. The Olympics: For and Against

35. The Olympics: Why We Should Value Them
Ian Henry

36. The Case against the Olympic Games: The Buck Stops with the IOC
Helen Jefferson Lenskyj

Keywords: Social Sciences, Sociology of Sport and Leisure, Cultural History, Media Studies, Sociology of Culture, Social Policy, Popular Science in Sports

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