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Blake 2.0

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Table of contents

1. Blake 2.0: Introduction
Steve Clark, Tristanne Connolly, Jason Whittaker

Part I. Blakean Circulations

2. Mirrored Text/Infinite Planes: Reception Aesthetics in Blake’s Milton
Mark Lussier

3. ‘Rouze up O Young Men of the New Age!’: William Blake, Theodore Roszak, and the Counter Culture of the 1960s–1970s
Peter Otto

4. Digital Blake 2.0
Roger Whitson

5. ‘Rob & Plunder … Translate & Copy & Buy & Sell & Criticise, but not Make’: Blake and Copyright Today
Shirley Dent

6. ‘New matter’: Mona Wilson’s The Life of William Blake 85 Years On
Angus Whitehead

Part II. Blake and Visual Art

7. Celebration and Censure: William Blake and Stories of Masterliness in the British Art World, 1930–59
Colin Trodd

8. Blake and Surrealism
Mei-Ying Sung

9. ‘The Sculptor Silent Stands before His Forming Image’: Blake and Contemporary Sculpture
Mark Crosby

10. ‘Mental Joy & Mental Health / And Mental Friends & Mental Wealth’: Blake and Art Therapy
Philippa Simpson

Part III. Blake in Film and Graphic Arts

11. ‘And did those feet’? Blake and the Role of the Artist in Post-War Britain
Susan Matthews

12. Film in a Time of Crisis: Blake, Dead Man, The New Math(s), and Last Days
Mark Douglas

13. ‘The end of the world. That’s a bad thing right?’: Form and Function from William Blake to Alan Moore
Matthew J. A. Green

Part IV. Blake in Music

14. Blake Set to Music
Keri Davies

15. ‘Only the wings on his heels’: Blake and Dylan
Steve Clark, James Keery

16. ‘He Took a Face from the Ancient Gallery’: Blake and Jim Morrison
Tristanne Connolly

17. ‘Hear the Drunken Archangel Sing’: Blakean Notes in 1990s Pop Music
David Fallon

18. Mental Fight, Corporeal War, and Righteous Dub: The Struggle for ‘Jerusalem’, 1979–2009
Jason Whittaker

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