Agola, Nathaniel O.

Spaces of International Economy and Management

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Table of contents

Part I. Defining Management Geography

1. Spaces of International Economy and Management: Launching New Perspectives on Management and Geography
Rolf D. Schlunze, Michael Plattner, William W. Baber, Nathaniel O. Agola

2. “Hybrid” Managers Creating Cross-Cultural Synergy: A Systematic Interview Survey from Japan
Rolf D. Schlunze

3. Mobile Elite in the Global City: International Managers’ Locational Preference
Michael Plattner

Part II. Spaces of International Economy

4. Managing Global Cities through Corporate Network Analysis
Ronald S. Wall

5. Competition Development in the BRIC Countries: Toward a Unified International Economic Space
Rinas V. Kashbrasiev

6. Regulatory Risk and Foreign Investments Developed in Latin America
Anxo Calvo Silvosa, Rubén C. Lois-González

7. Restructuring in Regional Economies and Introducing a Province System in Japan: With Special Reference to the Kansai Region
Masato Ikuta

8. Trading Area and Locational Decision of Foreign Affiliates in Osaka Prefecture
Sawako Maruyama

Part III. Spaces of International Management

9. How Does US Educational Experience Shape the Everyday Work Environment of Japanese Legal Professionals?
Tim Reiffenstein

10. Global Operations of Japanese MNEs’ Hybrid Factories: Management Geography Framework
Tetsuo Abo

11. Spaces of Japanese Management: Toward a Dynamic Hybridization Theory
Katsuo Yamazaki

12. Survival Strategies of a Local Industry and the Characteristics of Its Overseas Operations: A Case Study of the Glove-Related Industry in Eastern Kagawa, Japan
Atsushi Taira

13. International Production Allocation Strategies of Japanese Animation Studios
Kenta Yamamoto

14. Adjusting to a Distant Space: Cultural Adjustment and Interculturally Fluent Support
William W. Baber

Part IV. A New Perspective

15. New Geographies of Global Managerial Practice: The Case of Business Services
Andrew Jones

16. Location-Based Service Innovation Technologies in Japan: A Survey and Critical Analysis
Nathaniel O. Agola

17. Space Oddity — On Managerial Decision Making and Space
Patrik Ström, Roger Schweizer

18. Internationalization of Business Networks: How Do Managers with Divergent Cultural Norms Contribute?
Michael Plattner

Keywords: Business and Management, Business Strategy/Leadership, Emerging Markets/Globalization, International Business, International Economics, Management, Human Resource Management

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