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Remembering the German Democratic Republic

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Remembering the German Democratic Republic in a United Germany
David Clarke, Ute Wölfel

2. The Politics of Remembering the GDR: Official and State-Mandated Memory since 1990
Andrew H. Beattie

Part II. Memorials and Museums

3. Representations of the Everyday and the Making of Memory: GDR History and Museums
Andreas Ludwig

4. Reinterpreting the Soviet War Memorial in Berlin’s Treptower Park after 1990
Courtney Glore Crimmins

5. Transforming Berlin’s Memory: Non-State Actors and GDR Memorial Politics
Jenny Wüstenberg

6. Reinventing a Socialist Heroine: Commemorating Rosa Luxemburg after Unification
Barbara Könczöl

Part III. Generations

7. Histories and Memories: Verklärung or Erklärung?
Mary Fulbrook

8. Generation and Transition: East German Memory Cultures
René Lehmann

Part IV. Ordinary Lives

9. Did Communists Have Better Sex? Sex and the Body in German Unification
Josie McLellan

10. From the ‘Niche Society’ to a Retreat from Society: East German Allotments as the Continuation of a Tradition?
Anne-Marie Pailhès

11. ‘The Era Has Passed, But it’s Nice to Remember’: Eastern Identifications with the GDR Past and Unified Germany
Claire Hyland

12. Remembering the Uprising of 17 June 1953
Richard Millington

Part V. Elite Memories

13. Red Radiation: East German Army Officers in Post-Unification Germany
Andrew Bickford

14. Autobiography as Participation in the ‘Master Narrative’: GDR Academics after Unification
Christiane Lahusen

15. ‘The Past Does Not Repeat itself, But it Rhymes’: Autobiographies by Elites from the Confederate States of America and the German Democratic Republic
Stefan Zahlmann

Part VI. Remembering the Stasi

16. At Home with the Stasi: Gedenkstätte Hohenschönhausen as Historic House
Sara Jones

17. Memories and Fantasies About and By the Stasi
David Bathrick

Part VII. Remembering Antifascism

18. Between Denigration, Idealization and Historicization: Memories of Nazism and Everyday Antifascism
Joanne Sayner

19. How Memory is Remembered: The Potsdam Memory Archive (1995–6)
Helmut Peitsch

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, Political History, Social History, Cultural History, History of Germany and Central Europe, Historiography and Method, European History

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