Bennett, Brett M.

Science and Empire

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Table of contents

Part I. Historiography and Overview

1. Science and Empire: An Overview of the Historical Scholarship
Joseph M. Hodge

2. The Consolidation and Reconfiguration of ‘British’ Networks of Science, 1800–1970
Brett M. Bennett

Part II. Knowledge and Networks in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

3. Science and the British Empire from its Beginnings to 1850
John Gascoigne

4. A Network Approach to the Origins of Forestry Education in India, 1855–1885
Brett M. Bennett

5. Anatomy of Reception: Science, Nation and Religion in Hindi-Language Print Media of Colonial South Asia
Rajive Tiwari

6. ‘A Science of Our Own’: Nineteenth Century Exhibitions, Australians and the History of Science
Peter H. Hoffenberg

7. Between the Nation and the World: J.T. Wilson and Scientific Networks in the Early Twentieth Century
Tamson Pietsch

Part III. Knowledge and Networks at the End of Empire

8. Albert Howard and the Decolonization of Science: From the Raj to Organic Farming
Gregory A. Barton

9. ‘The Chance to Send Their First Class Men Out to the Colonies’: The Making of the Colonial Research Service
Sabine Clarke

10. The Hybridity of Colonial Knowledge: British Tropical Agricultural Science and African Farming Practices at the End of Empire
Joseph M. Hodge

11. The Science of Decolonization: The Retention of ‘Environmental Authority’ in the Contest for Antarctic Sovereignty between Britain, Argentina, and Chile, 1939–59
Adrian Howkins

12. Unexploited Assets: Imperial Imagination, Practical Limitations, and Marine Fisheries Research in East Africa, 1917–53
Christian Jennings

13. Thomas Adeoye Lambo and the Decolonization of Psychiatry in Nigeria
Matthew M. Heaton

14. The Reconfiguration of Scientific Career Networks in the Late Colonial Period: The Case of the Food and Agriculture Organization and the British Colonial Forestry Service
Jennifer Gold

15. Epilogue
Michael Worboys

Keywords: History, Imperialism and Colonialism, History of Britain and Ireland, History of Science, Modern History, World History, Global and Transnational History

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