Blossfeld, Hans-Peter

Globalized Labour Markets and Social Inequality in Europe

Blossfeld, Hans-Peter - Globalized Labour Markets and Social Inequality in Europe, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Globalized Labour Markets and Social Inequality in Europe: Theoretical Framework
Sandra Buchholz, Kathrin Kolb, Dirk Hofäcker, Hans-Peter Blossfeld

Part II. Country-Specific Contributions on Conservative Welfare Regimes

2. Selective Flexibilization and Deregulation of the Labour Market: The German Answer to Increased Needs for Employment Flexibility and Its Consequences for Social Inequalities
Sandra Buchholz, Kathrin Kolb

3. The Flexibilization of the Dutch Labour Market: The Impact of Globalization on the Life Course and Inequality
Rudi Wielers, Melinda Mills

Part III. Country-Specific Contributions on Southern European Welfare Regimes

4. The Flexibilization of the Spanish Labour Market: Meaning and Consequences for Inequality from a Life-Course Perspective
Juan-Ignacio Martínez-Pastor, Fabrizio Bernardi

5. Italy: No Country for Young Men (and Women): The Italian Way of Coping with Increasing Demands for Labour Market Flexibility and Rising Welfare Problems
Paolo Barbieri

Part IV. Country-Specific Contributions on Social-Democratic Welfare Regimes

6. A Recipe for Coping with the Challenge of Globalization? Trends in Labour Market Flexibilization and Life Course Inequality in Denmark
Dirk Hofäcker

7. Changing Work–Life Inequality in Sweden: Globalization and Other Causes
Tomas Korpi, Michael Tåhlin

Part V. Country-Specific Contributions on Post-Socialist Welfare Regimes

8. The Estonian Form of Globalization: Advantageous for Young Adults and Ethnic Estonians
Jelena Helemäe, Ellu Saar

9. From Guaranteed Employment to Job Competition: The Flexibilization of the Polish Labour Market
Anna Baranowska

Part VI. A Country-Specific Contribution on Liberal Welfare Regimes

10. The Effects of Flexibilization on Social Divisions and Career Trajectories in the UK Labour Market
Christina Purcell, Matt Flynn, Uracha Chatrakul Na Ayudhya

Part VII. Discussion and Conclusion

11. The Flexibilization of European Labour Markets and the Development of Social Inequalities: Comparing Evidence from Nine Globalized Countries
Dirk Hofäcker, Sandra Buchholz, Kathrin Kolb, Hans-Peter Blossfeld

Keywords: Social Sciences, Politics of the Welfare State, Political Sociology, European Culture, Sociology of Work, Sociology, general, Social Policy

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