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May 68

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Table of contents

Part I. Rethinking the Events

1. Rethinking May 68
Julian Jackson

2. The Moral History of 1968
Julian Bourg

3. Exploitation, Alienation and the Social Division of Labour in the May–June Movement in France
Boris Gobille

4. Beyond Tradition: The Strikes of May–June 1968
Xavier Vigna

5. Inventing a Memory on the Extreme Left: The Example of the Maoists after 1968
Philippe Buton

6. Algerian Reveries on the Far Right: Thinking about Algeria to Change France in 1968
Todd Shepard

7. Reaching Out to Immigrants in May 68: Specific or Universal Appeals?
Daniel Gordon

8. The Arab Workers’ Movement (1970–1976): Sociology of a New Political Generation
Abdellali Hajjat

9. ‘And What Then about “Our” Problem?’ — Gay Liberation in the Occupied Sorbonne in May 1968
Michael Sibalis

10. The 1970s Moment in Sexual Politics
Massimo Prearo

11. May 68 and the Changes in Private Life: A ‘Sexual Liberation’?
Anne-Claire Rebreyend

Part II. Decentring the Events

12. Decentring the Events
Anna-Louise Milne

13. The Local, Regional and National in May–June 1968
Michelle Zancarini-Fournel

14. Factory Disputes in the French Provinces in the ‘1968 Years’: Brittany ass a Case Study
Vincent Porhel

15. Peasant Insurgency in the ‘1968 Years’ (1961–1981)
Jean-Philippe Martin

16. ‘In Marseilles We Remained Calm’: The Myths and Realities of Marseilles’s May 68
Anne-Laure Ollivier

17. The Grand Tour of Daniel Cohn-Bendit and the Europeanism of 1968
Richard Ivan Jobs

18. From Dream to Reality: The Birth of ‘Vincennes’
Christelle Dormoy-Rajramanan

19. Artists and Architects in May 1968: An Aesthetics of Disappearance
Jean-Louis Violeau

Part III. Performing the Events

20. Performing the Revolution
James S. Williams

21. L’Entrée Libre à L’Ex-thèâtre de France: The Occupation of the Odéon and the Revolutionary Culture of the French Stage
Kate Bredeson

22. The Politics of Theatre and the Theatre of Politics: From Paris to Avignon via Villeurbanne, May–July 1968
Emmanuelle Loyer

23. Malle e/on mai: Louis Malle’s Takes on May 68
Roxanne Panchasi

24. Falling on Deaf Ears, Again: Hervé Le Roux’s Reprise (1997)
Nathalie Rachlin

25. Sex Power: Bernadette Lafont and the Sexual Revolution in French Cinema circa 1968
Roland-François Lack

26. Orgasm without Limits: May 68 and the History of Sex Education in Modern France
Tamara Chaplin

27. Epilogue: The Day My Father Fell Silent (Extracts)
Virginie Linhart

Keywords: History, History of France, European History, Political History, Modern History, History of Military, Social History

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