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Teaching the Early Modern Period

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Danielle Clarke, Derval Conroy

2. The Scholarship of Teaching the Early Modern: An Overview
Derval Conroy

Part 1. The Early Modern in the Digital Age

3. Renaissance Teaching and Learning: Humanist Pedagogy in the Digital Age and What it Might Teach Us1
Danielle Clarke

4. Information Revolutions Past and Present, and Teaching the Early Modern Period
Paul M Dover

Part 2. The Early Modern and its Others

5. ‘Other Voices’: The Early Modern Past in Provincial America
Jonathan Dewald

6. Exploring the Limits of the Thinkable
Siep Stuurman

7. Lobola, Intombi and the Soft-Porn Centaur: Teaching King Lear in the Post-Apartheid South African Classroom
Deborah Seddon

8. Windows of Gold
Ruth Whelan

9. A Renaissance Woman Adrift in the World
Merry E Wiesner-Hanks

10. Worlds Apart, Worlds Away: Integrating the Early Modern in the Antipodes
Susan Broomhall

11. Paradise Regained? Teaching the Multicultural Renaissance
Jane Grogan

12. Shakespeare and the Problem of the Early Modern Curriculum
Andrew Hadfield

Part 3. The Early Modern in the Contemporary Classroom: Course Design and Classroom Practice

13. An Early Modern Challenge: Finding the Student In-road
Patrick Cheney

14. Teaching Shakespeare Historically
Mark Thornton Burnett

15. The Importance of Being Endogenous
Alain Viala

16. Literature, Philosophy and Medicine: Strategies for an Interdisciplinary Approach to the Seventeenth Century
Bernadette Höfer

17. Teaching Versailles
Henriette Goldwyn

18. Paradoxical Creativity: Using Censorship to Develop Critical Reading and Thinking
Karolyn Waterson

19. T-shirt Day, Utopia and Henry VIII’s Dating Service: Using Creative Assignments to Teach Early Modern History
Carole Levin

20. The Importance of Boredom in Learning about the Early Modern
Ceri Sullivan

Part 4. Performing the Early Modern

21. Teaching French Seventeenth-century Theatre: Saying is Believing
Henry Phillips

22. Teaching Early Modern Spectacle through Film: Exploring Possibilities, Challenges and Pitfalls through a French Corpus
Guy Spielmann

23. Relevance and its Discontents: Teaching Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette
Amy Wygant

24. Presence, Performance and Critical Pleasure: Play and Prerequisites in Research and Teaching
Christian Biet

Keywords: Literature, Early Modern/Renaissance Literature, European History, European Literature, Social History, Cultural History, History of Early Modern Europe

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