Arnold, John H.

What is Masculinity?

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
John H. Arnold, Sean Brady

Part I. Paradigms and Nomenclature

2. The History of Masculinity: An Outdated Concept?
John Tosh

3. Can the Hegemon Speak? Reading Masculinity through Anthropology
Diederik F. Janssen

4. The Whig Interpretation of Masculinity? Honour and Sexuality in Late Medieval Manhood
Christopher Fletcher

5. Masculinity without Conflict: Noblemen in Eighth- and Ninth-Century Francia
Rachel Stone

Part II. Masculinity and Hegemony

6. Masculinities in Early Hellenistic Athens
Henrik Berg

7. Masculinity As a World Historical Category of Analysis
Simon Yarrow

8. Hegemonic Masculinities? Assessing Change and Processes of Change in Elite Masculinity, 1700–1900
Henry French, Mark Rothery

9. Masculinity and Fatherhood in England c. 1760–1830
Joanne Bailey

Part III. Maturing and Adulthood

10. Athenian Pederasty and the Construction of Masculinity
Thomas K. Hubbard

11. An Orchard, a Love Letter and Three Bastards: The Formation of Adult Male Identity in a Fifteenth-Century Family
Rachel E. Moss

12. ‘To Make a Man Without Reason’: Examining Manhood and Manliness in Early Modern England
Jennifer Jordan

13. ‘Boys, Semi-Men and Bearded Scholars’: Maturity and Manliness in Early Nineteenth-Century Oxford
Heather Ellis

Part IV. Domesticities

14. St Francis of Assisi and the Making of Settlement Masculinity, 1883–1914
Lucinda Matthews-Jones

15. Homes Fit for Homos: Joe Orton, Masculinity and the Domesticated Queer
Matt Cook

16. Three Faces of Fatherhood As a Masculine Category: Tyrants, Teachers, and Workaholics As ‘Responsible Family Men’ during Canada’s Baby Boom
Robert Rutherdale

Part V. Modern Frontiers

17. Cow Boys, Cattle Men and Competing Masculinities on the Texas Frontier
Jacqueline M. Moore

18. Valorising Samurai Masculinity through Biblical Language: Christianity, Oscar Wilde and Natsume Soseki’s Novel Kokoro
Kasumi Miyazaki

19. ‘Proper Government and Discipline’: Family Religion and Masculine Authority in Nineteenth-Century Canada
Nancy Christie

20. Punters and Their Prostitutes: British Soldiers, Masculinity and Maisons Tolérées in the First World War
Clare Makepeace

21. Masculinities, Histories and Memories
Victor Jeleniewski Seidler

Keywords: Social Sciences, Gender Studies, Ancient History, History of Medieval Europe, Social History, Modern History

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Genders and Sexualities in History
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475 pages
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