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Globalizing Employment Relations

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Table of contents

1. Globalizing Employment Relations and Crisis: Multinational Companies and Central and Eastern European Transitions and Transfers
Sylvie Contrepois, Violaine Delteil, Patrick Dieuaide, Steve Jefferys

Part I. Foreign Direct Investment, Multinationals and Employment Relations Transfers

2. US Multinationals and Collective Representation in European Subsidiaries: Institutional Resistance and Accommodation
Anthony Ferner

3. The Social Transfers of Multinationals in Central Europe: British, US, Austrian and German Experiences Reviewed
Guglielmo Meardi, Sonja Strohmer, Franz Traxler

4. Manufacturing and Services FDI Trajectories: Colonial Perceptions and Union Opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe
Steve Jefferys

Part II. Employment Relations in Different Sectors in Central and Eastern Europe

5. Surviving the Global Financial Crisis: Automobiles and Finance in Central and Eastern Europe
Sylvie Contrepois, Violaine Delteil, Patrick Dieuaide, Steve Jefferys

6. MNCs, Human Resource Management and Social Dialogue in the Central and Eastern European Food Industry
Patrick Dieuaide

7. Exporting the German Work Model to Central and Eastern Europe
Martin Krzywdzinski

Part III. Multinationals and Host Countries in the Crisis

8. Employment Relations and the Opening Up to MNCs in Hungary
Jenő Koltay

9. How French Are French MNCs in Hungary? A Comparison of Two Service Sector Firms
Linda Szabó, Viola Zentai

10. MNCs and the Transformation of Bulgarian Employment Relations
Zhelyu Vladimirov

11. Polish Employment Relations Under the Challenge of French Foreign Direct Investment
Anna Kwiatkiewicz

12. Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue in the Baltic States — Crisis, Conflict and Compromise
Charles Woolfson, Epp Kallaste, Janis Berzins

Part IV. European Social Integration, MNCs and Change

13. Internationalizing Firms and Employee Representation: French Multinationals in Central and Eastern Europe
Sylvie Contrepois

14. Central and Eastern European Social Models and the Challenge of Change
Violaine Delteil

15. Is Central and Eastern Europe a Laboratory for New Forms of Employment Relations?
Guy Groux

Keywords: Business and Management, Human Resource Management, International Business, Political Economy, International Economics

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