Higham, Philip A.

Constructions of Remembering and Metacognition

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. The Importance of Untangling Subjective Experience and Objective Measures for Understanding Memory Performance
Michelle M. Arnold

Part II. Inferential Processes and Fluency/Familiarity

2. Fluency and Familiarity: How Memory for Perceptual Detail Influences the Remembering of Events
Karen M. Evans, Aaron S. Benjamin

3. The Development of the Fluency Heuristic in Childhood: More Questions than Answers
Jeremy K. Miller, Marianne E. Lloyd

4. Attributions of Fluency: Familiarity, Preference, and the Senses
Antonia Mantonakis, Daniel M. Bernstein, Elizabeth F. Loftus

5. The Role of Familiarity in Implicit Learning
Zoltan Dienes, Ryan B. Scott, Lulu Wan

Part III. Inferential Processes and Recollection/Retrieval

6. The Constructive Nature of Recollection
Tamara L. Ansons, Jason P. Leboe

7. Inferential Processes in Subjective Reports of Recollection
Brian P. Kurilla, Deanne L. Westerman

8. Metacognitive Processes before and during Retrieval
Giuliana Mazzoni, Maciej Hanczakowski

Part IV. Inferential Processes and the Regulation of Accuracy

9. Accuracy Discrimination and Type-2 Signal Detection Theory: Clarifications, Extensions, and an Analysis of Bias
Philip A. Higham

10. Quantity- Accuracy Profiles or Type-2 Signal Detection Measures? Similar Methods towards a Common Goal
Morris Goldsmith

11. A Search for Influences of Feedback on Recognition of Music, Poetry, and Art
D. Stephen Lindsay, Justin Kantner

12. Criterion Changes: How Flexible Are Recognition Decision Processes?
William E. Hockley

13. Judgements of Learning and Study-Time Allocation: An Illustration from Neuropsychology
Chris J. A. Moulin, Timothy J. Perfect, Shazia Akhtar, Helen L. Williams, Celine Souchay

14. Agenda-Based Regulation of Study-Time Allocation
John Dunlosky, Robert Ariel, Keith W. Thiede

Part V. Scape

15. Surprising Fluency: Bruce Whittlesea’s Contributions to Our Understanding of the Role of Fundamental Adaptive Cognitive Processes
Antonia Mantonakis, Reid Hastie

16. Your Effort Is Showing! Pupil Dilation Reveals Memory Heuristics
Megan H. Papesh, Stephen D. Goldinger

17. Remembering Under the Influence of Unconscious Expectations
Bruce W. A. Whittlesea

18. Epilogue
Philip A. Higham, Jason P. Leboe

Keywords: Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology

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