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Discourses of Deficit

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Christopher N. Candlin, Jonathan Crichton

Part I. Characterisation in the Context of Law

2. Constructing Vulnerability: The Experience of Children and Other Groups within Legal Discourse
Michelle Aldridge, June Luchjenbroers

3. Learning and Unlearning Being Guilty: On the Contingent Ascription of a Deficit Category
Thomas Scheffer

Part II. Responsibility in the Context of Social Work

4. Categorisations of Child ‘in Need’ and Child ‘in Need of Protection’ and Implications for the Formulation of ‘Deficit’ Parenting
Christopher Hall, Stef Slembrouck

5. ‘She is not coping’: Risk Assessment and Claims of Deficit in Social Work
Arthur S. Firkins, Christopher N. Candlin

Part III. Identity in the Context of Health Care

6. Narrative, Identity and Care: Joint Problematisation in a Study of People Living with Dementia
Jonathan Crichton, Tina Koch

7. ‘We’re just going to be talking about you …’: Identifying Deficits and Achieving Quality in Nurse-Patient Discourse
Sally Candlin

8. ‘You don’t want to look like that for the rest of your life’: Contested Discourses of Loss in a Normative Societal Context
Lesley Stirling, Lenore Manderson, Jennifer MacFarlane

Part IV. Relationships in the Context of Management

9. Identity Work in Consultancy Projects: Ambiguity and Distribution of Credit and Blame
Mats Alvesson, Stefan Sveningsson

10. On the Discursive Construction of Knowledge Deficits in the ‘Alter’
Peter Kastberg, Marianne Grove Ditlevsen

Part V. Capacity in the Context of Communication Disorder

11. The Discursive Construction of Language Disorders
Dana Kovarsky, Irene Walsh

12. Public and Private Identity: The Co-construction of Aphasia through Discourse
Elizabeth Armstrong, Alison Ferguson, Lynne Mortensen

Part VI. Recognition in the Context of Educational Diversity

13. Epistemic Injustice and the Power to Define: Interviewing Cameroonian Primary School Teachers about Language Education
Edith Esch

14. Absence as Deficit in Assessing Intercultural Capability
Angela Scarino

Part VII. Agency in the Context of Marketing

15. Discourses of Deficit and Deficits of Discourse: Computers, Disability and Mediated Action
Rodney Jones

16. Young Peoples’ Binge Drinking Constituted as a Deficit of Individual Self-control in UK Government Alcohol Policy
Chris Hackley, Andrew Bengry-Howell, Christine Griffin, Willm Mistral, Isabelle Szmigin

Part VIII. Membership in the Context of Institutional Appraisal

17. Measuring Deficit
Tim McNamara

18. A Neo-colonial Farce? Discourses of Deficit in Australian Aboriginal Land Claim and Native Title Cases
Michael Walsh

Keywords: Business and Management, Corporate Communication/Public Relations, Language Teaching, Linguistics, general, Sociolinguistics, Semantics, Discourse Analysis

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Palgrave Studies in Professional and Organizational Discourse
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362 pages
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