Esfahani, Hadi Salehi

Economic Development in Latin America

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Hadi Salehi Esfahani, Giovanni Facchini, Geoffrey J. D. Hewings

Part I. The Role of Institutions

2. International Cooperation and Global Justice
Paul Streeten

3. Latin America, UNCTAD, and the Postwar Trading System
Joseph L. Love

4. Import Substitution Industrialization in Latin America: Experience and Lessons for the Future
Carlos A. Primo Braga

5. With or without the IMF? Economic Recovery after Devaluation in Argentina and Brazil
Andres Gallo

6. The Decision to Become Informal Self-Employed in Latin America
Patricio Aroca Gonzalez, Wendy Cunningham, William F. Maloney

7. Institutions and Economic Growth in the Atlantic Periphery: The Efficiency of the Portuguese Machinery of Justice, 1870–1910
Jaime Reis

8. An Evaluation of the Contractionary Devaluation Hypothesis
Ricardo Bebczuk, Arturo Galindo, Ugo Panizza

Part II. Income Distribution and Economic Development

9. Interpreting Brazilian Income Distribution Trends
Don Coes

10. The Evolution of Agriculture and Land Reform in Brazil, 1960–2006
Charles Mueller, Bernardo Mueller

11. Human Capital and Income Concentration in Brazil
Mirta N. S. Bugarin

Part III. Regional Aspects of Economic Development

12. Structural Analysis of Employment in the Brazilian Economy: 1996 and 2002 Compared
Joaquim J. M. Guilhoto, Silvio Massaru Ichihara, Márcio Guerra Amorim

13. Trade Liberalization, Space, and Regional Development
Eduardo Haddad

14. Regional and Demographic Determinants of Poverty in Brazil
Andre P. Souza, Carlos R. Azzoni, Veridiana A. Nogueira

Part IV. New Challenges

15. The Political Economy of the New Left in Latin America: Does the Bell Toll for Neoliberalism?
Edmund Amann

16. Deficit Targeting: An Incentive Mechanism for Subnational Fiscal Deficit Reduction in Brazil
Mauricio S. Bugarin, Mirta N. S. Bugarin, Henrique A. Pires

17. Is there any Difference in Well-being between American and Brazilian College Students?
Tiago V. V. Cavalcanti, Juliana Ferraz Guimarães, José Ricardo Nogueira

Part V. A Retrospective on Werner Baer

18. Economics the Werner Baer Way
Larry Samuelson

19. Making a Great Difference: The Influence of Professor Werner Baer on the Economic Literature in Brazil, and on Brazil
Carlos R. Azzoni

Keywords: Economics, Development Economics, Regional/Spatial Science, History of the Americas, International Economics

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