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Ernest Dichter and Motivation Research

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Ernest Dichter, Motivation Research and the ‘Century of the Consumer’
Stefan Schwarzkopf, Rainer Gries

Part II. Dimensions of Ernest Dichter’s Work and Personality

2. From Vienna to the United States and Back: Ernest Dichter and American Consumer Culture
Daniel Horowitz

3. Ernest Dichter: The Motivational Researcher
Ronald Fullerton

4. Ernest Dichter, Religion and the Spirit of Capitalism: An Exegete of Pure Cult Religion Serves Consumer Society
Gabriele Sorgo

5. Ernest Dichter and Consumer Behaviour: Intellectual Primacy and Interpretive Consumer Research
Mark Tadajewski

Part III. The Branding of Consumer Life — Case Studies on Ernest Dichter’s Work

6. Ernest Dichter’s Studies on Automobile Marketing
Helene Karmasin

7. Ernest Dichter and the Peacock Revolution: Motivation Research, the Menswear Market and the DuPont Company
Regina Lee Blaszczyk

8. The ‘Sex of Food’: Ernest Dichter, Libido and American Food Advertising
Katherine Parkin

9. Patriarch or Promoter of the Women’s Movement? Ernest Dichter and his Interpretation of the Female Image
Karina Krummeich, Stefanie Lahm

Part IV. The European Theatre

10. Ernest Dichter as Midwife and Educator: Post-war European Consumer Societies and the Sociology of the Consumer
Kai-Uwe Hellmann

11. A Backward Republic or ‘Brave New Austria’? Market and Motivation Research in Dichter’s Home Country after the Second World War
Andrea Morawetz

12. The Reception of Ernest Dichter and the Resistance to Motivation Research in Francophone Europe
Véronique Pouillard

13. Ernest Dichter Motivates the British: Motivation Research and Contested Professional Legitimacies in Britain
Stefan Schwarzkopf

14. The ‘Depth Boy’ — Ernest Dichter and the Post-war German Advertising Elite
Dirk Schindelbeck

15. ‘Victim of a Technical Hitch …’: Ernest Dichter as Proprietor of a Guesthouse with Bugging Installation
Dirk Schindelbeck

Part V. Conclusion

16. Motivation Research — Episode or Paradigm Shift? From Ernest Dichter to Consumer Ethnography, Neuromarketing and Bio-power
Stefan Schwarzkopf, Rainer Gries

Keywords: History, US History, Modern History, European History, Cultural History, Economic History, Social History

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