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Nationalizing the Past

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Stefan Berger, Chris Lorenz

2. Narrativizations of the Past: The Theoretical Debate and the Example of the Weimar Republic
Jan Eckel

3. Double Trouble: A Comparison of the Politics of National History in Germany and in Quebec
Chris Lorenz

4. Setting the Scene for National History
Joep Leerssen

5. A Strained Relationship: Epistemology and Historiography in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Germany and Britain
Angelika Epple

6. Wars of Religion in National History Writing at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century: P. J. Blok, Karl Lamprecht, Ernest Lavisse and Henri Pirenne
Geneviève Warland

7. Heretics into National Heroes: Jules Michelet’s Joan of Arc and František Palacký’s John Hus
Monika Baár

8. History and Politics: Interpretations of Early Modern Conquest and Reformation in Victorian Ireland
Marc Caball

9. Narrating the Building of a Small Nation: Divergence and Convergence in the Historiography of Estonian ‘National Awakening’, 1868–2005
Jörg Hackmann

10. Theorizing and Practising ‘Scientific’ History in South-Eastern Europe (Nineteenth–Twentieth Century): Spyridon Lambros and Nicolae Jorga
Effi Gazi

11. Theatre Histories and the Construction of National Identity: The Cases of Norway and Finland
Ilona Pikkanen

12. Nation, State and Empire: The Historiography of ‘High Imperialism’ in the British and Russian Empires
Andrew Mycock, Marina Loskoutova

13. Ends of Empire: Decolonizing the Nation in British and French Historiography
Robert Aldrich, Stuart Ward

14. Inside-Out: The Purposes of Form in Friedrich Meinecke’s and Robert Aron’s Explanations of National Disaster
Hugo Frey, Stefan Jordan

15. Clio and Class Struggle in Socialist Histories of the Nation: A Comparison of Robert Grimm’s and Eduard Bernstein’s Writings, 1910–1920
Thomas Welskopp

16. Rewriting National History in Post-War Central Europe: Marxist Syntheses of Austrian and Czechoslovak History as New National Master Narratives
Pavel Kolář

17. Nineteenth Century Liberal Master Narratives Revisited: A Comparison of Gyula Szekfuű and Benedetto Croce
Árpád v. Klimó

18. The Lombard League in Nineteenth-Century Historiography, c.1800–c.1850
David Laven

19. History of Civilization: Transnational or Post-Imperial? Some Iberian Perspectives (1870–1930)
Xosé-Manoel Núñez

20. After the Deluge: The Impact of the Two World Wars on the Historical Work of Henri Pirenne and Marc Bloch
Peter Schöttler

21. Rising Like a Phoenix … The Renaissance of National History Writing in Germany and Britain since the 1980s
Stefan Berger

22. Myth in the Writing of European History
Jan Ifversen

23. The Nation, Progress and European Identity in The Rise of Modern Europe
John L. Harvey

Keywords: History, European History, Modern History, Political History, Social History, Cultural History, Historiography and Method

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Writing the Nation: National Historiographies and the Making of Nation States in 19th and 20th Century Europe
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545 pages
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