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Materializing Europe

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Table of contents

1. Introduction Europe Materializing? Toward a Transnational History of European Infrastructures
Alexander Badenoch, Andreas Fickers

Part I. Questioning the Connections between Infrastructures and Europe

2. Detours around Africa: The Connection between Developing Colonies and Integrating Europe
Dirk Laak

3. Biography 1: An Electrifying Legacy: The Long Life of the Oliven Plan
Vincent Lagendijk

4. Myths of the European Network: Constructions of Cohesion in Infrastructure Maps
Alexander Badenoch

5. Biography 2: David Mitrany and Ernst Haas: Theorizing a United Europe
Waqar Zaidi

6. Transnational Infrastructures and the Origins of European Integration
Johan Schot

Part II. Mediating Europe: Moving Things, Building Systems

7. New Connections for an Old Continent: Rail, Road and Electricity in the League of Nations Organisation for Communications and Transit
Frank Schipper, Vincent Lagendijk, Irene Anastasiadou

8. Biography 3: Louis Armand — Between United Atoms and Common Railways
Christian Henrich-Franke

9. Feeding the peoples of Europe’: Transnational Food Transport Infrastructure in the Early Cold War, 1947–1960
Erik Vleuten

10. Biography 4: Mobilizing Europe’s Capital
Frank Schipper

11. Eurocheque: Creating a ‘Common Currency’ European Infrastructure for the Cashless Mass Payments System
Barbara Bonhage

12. Biography 5: Georges Valensi: Europe Calling?
Leonard Laborie

13. Off the Leash. The European Mobile Phone Standard (GSM) as a Transnational Telecommunications Infrastructure
Patrick Kammerer

Part III. Europe between Projects and Projections

14. Eventing Europe: Broadcasting and the Mediated Performances of Europe
Andreas Fickers, Suzanne Lommers

15. Biography 6: The Radio Station Scale: A Materialized European Event
Andreas Fickers

16. From Sea to Shining Sea. Making Ends Meet on the Rhine and the Rhone
Cornelis Disco

17. Biography 7: Peaceful Atom: The Brief Career of a Symbol of Co-operation and Prosperity
Dick Lente

18. European Civil Aviation in an Era of Hegemonic Nationalism: Infrastructure, Air Mobility, and European Identity Formation, 1919–1933
Eda Kranakis

Keywords: History, European History, Modern History, Economic History, Political History, Social History, World History, Global and Transnational History

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