Mulligan, William

The Primacy of Foreign Policy in British History, 1660–2000

Mulligan, William - The Primacy of Foreign Policy in British History, 1660–2000, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Brendan Simms, William Mulligan

2. Conflicting Visions: Foreign Affairs in Domestic Debate 1660–1689
Gabriel Glickman

3. Primacy Contested: Foreign and Domestic Policy in the Reign of William III
David Onnekink

4. Anglo-Scottish Union and the War of the Spanish Succession
Allan I. Macinnes

5. The Development of the Executive and Foreign Policy, 1714–1760
Andrew C. Thompson

6. European Great Power Politics in British Public Discourse, 1714–1763
Doohwan Ahn, Brendan Simms

7. Waging War: The Irish Military Establishment and the British Empire, 1688–1763
Charles Ivar McGrath

8. Europe, the American Crisis, and Scottish Evangelism: The Primacy of Foreign Policy in the Kirk?
Gideon Mailer

9. Debating the Union on Foreign Fields: Ulster Unionism and the Importance of Britain’s ‘Place in the World’, c. 1830-c. 1870
John Bew

10. The Enduring Importance of Foreign Policy Dominance in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Politics
Adrian Brettle

11. Radicalism, Free Trade, and Foreign Policy in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Britain
Anthony Howe

12. Gladstone and the Primacy of Foreign Policy
William Mulligan

13. Imagined Spaces: Nation, State, and Territory in the British Colonial Empire, 1860–1914
Duncan Bell

14. British Liberal Historians and the Primacy of Internationalism
Casper Sylvest

15. ‘Chief of All Offices’: High Politics, Finance, and Foreign Policy, 1865–1914
T. G. Otte

16. The 1910 Elections and the Primacy of Foreign Policy
Phillips Payson O’Brien

17. Patriotism and the Politics of Foreign Policy, c. 1870-c. 1914
Paul Readman

18. The Historiography of Inter-War Politics: Competing Conservative World Views in High Politics, 1924–1929
Richard S. Grayson

19. The Primacy of Foreign Policy? Britain in the Second World War
David Edgerton

20. Britain in Europe? Conservative and Labour Attitudes to European Integration since the Second World War
Nicholas Crowson, James McKay

21. Foreign Policy in the Labour Party Manifestos, 1945–1997: What Primacy?
Antoine Capet

22. Conclusion
Brendan Simms, William Mulligan

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, Political History, History of Britain and Ireland, Social History, Political Science, Modern History, Foreign Policy

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