Welch, David

Cinema and the Swastika

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Table of contents

1. Europe’s New Hollywood? The German Film Industry Under Nazi Rule, 1933–45
David Welch, Roel Vande Winkel

2. ‘European Cinema for Europe!’ The International Film Chamber, 1935–42
Benjamin George Martin

3. German Attempts to Penetrate the Spanish-speaking Film Markets, 1936–42
Lisa Jarvinen, Francisco Peredo-Castro

4. Between Resistance and Collaboration: Austrian Cinema and Nazism Before and During the Annexation, 1933–45
Robert Dassanowsky

5. German Influence on Belgian Cinema, 1933–45: From Low-profile Presence to Downright Colonisation
Roel Vande Winkel

6. Nazi Film Politics in Brazil, 1933–42
Luiz Nazario

7. The Influence of German Cinema on Newly Established Croatian Cinematography, 1941–45
Daniel Rafaelić

8. A Dangerous Neighbourhood: German Cinema in the Czechoslovak Region, 1933–45
Ivan Klimeš

9. The Attempted Nazification of French Cinema, 1934–44
Brett Bowles

10. Cinema Goes to War: The German Film Policy in Greece During the Occupation, 1941–44
Eirini Sifaki

11. Competitor or Compatriot? Hungarian Film in the Shadow of the Swastika, 1933–44
David S. Frey

12. A War within the War: Italy, Film, Propaganda and the Quest for Cultural Hegemony in Europe (1933–43)
Aristotle A. Kallis

13. Celluloid Competition: German-Japanese Film Relations, 1929–45
Janine Hansen

14. From Dawn to Young Eagles: The (Failed) Attempt of Germanisation and Nazification of Luxembourg through Cinema, 1933–44
Paul Lesch

15. Dutch-German Film Relations under German Pressure and Nazi Occupation, 1933–45
Ingo Schiweck

16. From Will to Reality — Norwegian Film during the Nazi Occupation, 1940–45
Bjørn Sørenssen

17. Brown-red Shadows: The Influence of Third Reich and Soviet Cinema on Afrikaans Film, 1927–48
Keyan Tomaselli, Michael Eckardt

18. Film and Politics in South-east Europe: Germany as ‘Leading Cultural Nation’, 1933–45
Tim Kirk

19. German Films on the Spanish Market Before, During and After the Civil War, 1933–45
María A. Paz, Julio Montero

20. Swedish Film and Germany, 1933–45
Rochelle Wright

21. Film Propaganda and the Balance between Neutrality and Alignment: Nazi Films in Switzerland, 1933–45
Gianni Haver

22. ‘A Thin Stream Issuing through Closed Lock Gates’: German Cinema and the United Kingdom, 1933–45
Jo Fox

23. German Films in America, 1933–45: Public Diplomacy and an Uncoordinated Information Campaign
David Culbert

24. German Film Politics in the Occupied Eastern Territories, 1941–45
Ralf Forster

Keywords: History, European History, Modern History, Film History, History of Germany and Central Europe, Cultural History, Social History

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