Davidson, Paul

Interpreting Keynes for the 21st Century

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Table of contents

Part I. International Economics

1. Is a Plumber or a New Financial Architect Needed to End global International Liquidity Problems?
Paul Davidson

2. Capital Movements, Tobin Tax, and Permanent Fire Prevention: A Response to DeAngelis
Paul Davidson

3. Globalization
Paul Davidson

4. The Future of the International Financial System
Paul Davidson

5. The Declining Dollar, global Economic Growth, and Macro Stability
Paul Davidson

6. Is Fixed Exchange Rates the Problem and Flexible Exchange Rates the Cure?
Paul Davidson

Part II. Economics for Less Developed Countries

7. A Post Keynesian View of the Washington Consensus and How to Improve It
Paul Davidson

8. Liquidity vs. Efficiency in Liberalized International Financial Markets: A Warning to Developing Economies
Paul Davidson

9. LDCs, Institutions, and Money: A Response to Danby
Paul Davidson

10. Dollarization, the Functions of a Central Bank, and the Ecuadorean Economy
Paul Davidson

Part III. Newspaper Columns

11. The Dangers of Debt Reduction
Paul Davidson

12. Should We End Market Liquidity?
Paul Davidson

13. Last Resort for IMF
Paul Davidson

14. Keynes and the Bear Necessities
Paul Davidson

15. Debtor Nations Need a Financial System That Allows Them to Work Their Way to Prosperity
Paul Davidson

Part IV. Keynes/Post Keynesian Theory and Policy

16. There Are Major Differences between Kalecki’s Theory of Employment and Keynes’s General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money
Paul Davidson

17. Is “Mathematical Science” an Oxymoron When Used to Describe Economics?
Paul Davidson

18. Samuelson and the Keynes/Post Keynesian Revolution
Paul Davidson

19. Setting the Record Straight on “a History of Post Keynesian Economics”
Paul Davidson

20. Responses to Lavoie, King, and Dow on What Is Post Keynesianism and Who Is a Post Keynesian
Paul Davidson

21. The Effect of Ending Hostilities on Output and Employment
Paul Davidson

22. Can, or Should, a Central Bank Inflation Target?
Paul Davidson

23. Are We Making Progress Toward the Good Society?
Paul Davidson

Keywords: Economics, International Economics, Macroeconomics/Monetary Economics//Financial Economics, Methodology/History of Economic Thought, Economic Theory/Quantitative Economics/Mathematical Methods, Economic History

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