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Table of contents

1. Introduction: General Election Campaign Communication in Perspective

1. Introduction: General Election Campaign Communication in Perspective
Dominic Wring

Part I. Parties

2. Labour’s Political Strategy
Philip Gould

3. Conservative Party Strategy
Gavin Barwell

4. Liberal Democrat Strategy: a New High Watermark for the Liberal Democrats
Chris Rennard

5. The Labour Campaign
Greg Cook

6. The Conservative Campaign
David Canzini

7. The Charles Kennedy Campaign
Jackie Rowley

Part II. Campaigning

8. Political Communication: Party Advertising in the General Election
Jennifer Heerde

9. Constituency Campaigning in 2005: Ever More Centralization?
Justin Fisher, David Denver, Edward Fieldhouse, David Cutts, Andrew Russell

10. The Internet and the UK General Election
John Downey, Scott Davidson

Part III. Polling

11. The Public and the Polls
Roger Mortimore, Simon Atkinson

12. Poll Methodology, Weighting and Adjustment Systems
Andrew Cooper

13. Internet Versus Conventional Polls in the General Election
Peter Kellner

14. Challenges Facing the Pollsters Next Time
Nick Sparrow

Part IV. Voters

15. Looking Through the Other End of the Microscope: How the Public Experienced the General Election Campaign
Robert Worcester, Roger Mortimore, Paul Baines

16. Viewers and Voters: Attitudes to Television Coverage of the General Election
Vanessa Hyland

17. Hearts or Minds?: Leader Evaluations by Men and Women in the General Election
Kristi Winters, Rosie Campbell

Part V. Broadcasting

18. Reconnecting with the Viewers: Sky News’ Election Coverage
Adam Boulton

19. Politics as an Appearance and Reality Show: The Hermeneutics of Suspicion
Michael Billig

Part VI. Press

20. The ‘Take a Break Campaign?’: National Print Media Reporting of the Election
David Deacon, Dominic Wring, Peter Golding

21. Amateurs or Adversaries?: Local Journalists’ Coverage of the UK Non-General Election
Bob Franklin, Stephen Cushion

22. Conclusion 2005: Themes and Future Questions
Jane Green

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, Political Communication, British Politics, Political Science, Political History, Electoral Politics, Communication Studies

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