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Macroeconomics, Finance and Money

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Table of contents

Part 1. Monetary Policy, Central Banks and the ‘New Consensus in Macroeconomics’

1. Are the Macro Econometrics Models of the Federal Reserve Board, the Bank of Canada, and the Sveriges Riksbank consistent with the New Consensus Macroeconomics Model?
Jérôme Creel, Giuseppe Fontana

2. Arestis and Sawyer’s Criticism on the New Consensus Macroeconomics: Some Issues Related to Emerging Countries
Luiz Fernando de Paula, Fernando Ferrari-Filho

3. Inflation Targeting in Canada: Myth versus Reality
Mario Seccareccia, Marc Lavoie

4. Monetary Policy Challenges of the ECB Facing a Divergent Inflationary Process in the EMU Area
Georg Erber, Harald Hagemann

5. Macroeconomic Consensus and Political Economy Aspects of Monetary Policy Design
Georgios Chortareas

6. Central Bank Communication, Transparency and Interest Rate Volatility: Evidence from the USA
Iris Biefang-Frisancho Mariscal, Peter Howells

Part 2. Inflation and Economic Policy

7. The Thatcher Monetarist Experiment, 1979–85: An Assessment
John McCombie

8. Phillips’ Curve, Independence of Central Banks and Inflation Targeting
Malcolm Sawyer

9. Monetary Policy Rules and Phillips’ Curve Tradeoffs in a Kaleckian Framework
Tracy Mott

10. The Banking Crisis, Nationalization of Banking and the Mixed Economy
Yiannis Kitromilides

11. How Does a Capitalist Economy Work in the Real World?
Paul Davidson

Part 3. Finance, Crisis and Bubbles

12. Bubbles Lead to Long-term Instability
Elias Karakitsos

13. The Subprime Crisis: A Minskyan Phenomenon?
Elisabetta De Antoni

14. A Minsky Moment, or Not?
Korkut Ertürk, Gökcer Özgür

15. Does Financial Liberalization Help the Poor?
Asena Caner

16. Finance, Speculation and Stability: Post-Keynesian Policies for Modern Capitalism
Geoff Harcourt

17. ‘Financialization’, Capital Accumulation and Productivity Growth: a Post-Keynesian Approach
Eckhard Hein

Part 4. Financial Markets and Governance in Developing Economies

18. Instantiating Neo-Liberal Reform via Economic Theory and Small Group Agreements
Ilene Grabel

19. Financial Liberalization, Growth and Financial Crisis
Marisol Esteban, Jesús Ferreiro, Felipe Serrano

20. Institutions and Finance in Developing Countries: Challenges to Orthodoxy
Howard Stein

21. Are the Institutions of the Stock Market and the Market for Corporate Control Evolutionary Advances for Developing Countries?
Ajit Singh

22. Financial Globalization and Innovation: Lessons of a Lost Decade for the OECD Economies
Pascal Petit

Keywords: Economics, Macroeconomics/Monetary Economics//Financial Economics, Finance, general, Popular Science in Economics / Management

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