Cortini, Michela

Boundaryless Careers and Occupational Well-being

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Michela Cortini, Giancarlo Tanucci, Estelle M. Morin

Part I. New Career Models

2. The Protean and Boundaryless Career in Italy: Game on?
Alessandro Lo Presti, Marcello Nonnis, Jon P. Briscoe

3. The Timing of Adjustment Strategies during Work Role Transition: A Longitudinal Comparison between Newcomers and Job Changers
Stefano Toderi, Guido Sarchielli

4. A Newcomer’s Career between Community and Identity
Marta Traetta, Susanna Annese

5. Obscure Future? A Pilot Study on University Students’ Career Expectations
Michela Cortini, Emanuela Notarangelo, Elisa Cardellicchio

Part II. Occupational Well-being

6. What Makes Them Happy? Comparing Working and Non-Working Men and Women in Typical and Atypical Occupations
Dahlia Moore

7. Job Resources and Exhaustion at Work:The Mediating Role of Global Meaning
Maria Elena Magrin, Stefano Gheno, Marta Scrignaro, Veronica Viganò

8. Risk Perception and Safety Standards Violation: Psychosocial Antecedents of Injury in a Metalworking Factory
Valeria Piras, Maria Lacasella

9. Hostile Behaviors in the Workplace: Consequences and Reactions of the Victims
Marcello Nonnis, Stefania Cuccu, Stefano Porcu

10. Occupational Stress and Job Insecurity May Reduce the Immune NK Response in Men Working in a University
Laura Forcella, Angela Donato, Luca Giampaolo, Massimilano Barattucci, Angelo Turano, Paolo Boscolo

11. The Role of Empathy in Health Professions: A Study of Professional and Volunteer Operators
Filomena Milena Marzano, Carmencita Serino, Gianvito D’Aprile

12. Work Experience As a Discursive Resource for Subjective Well-being
Amelia Manuti, Giuseppe Mininni, Rubino Rossella, Rosa Scardigno

13. Models of Workers’ Involvement in Societas Europaea’s Governance
Daniela Caterino

Part III. Atypical Workers

14. Atypical Workers and Burnout: Preliminary Research
Callea Antonino, Federica Ballone

15. Work Identity, Well-being and Time Perspective of Typical and Atypical Young Workers
Elisabetta Crocetti, Augusto Palmonari, Barbara Pojaghi

16. Atypical Employment: An Explorative Study of the Motivations and Attitudes of Atypical Workers
Emanuela Ingusci, Francesca Palano, Laura Ressa, Giancarlo Tanucci

17. Job Satisfaction and Values: A Comparison between Non-traditional Workers and Traditional Workers
Silvia Simone, Marina Mondo

Part IV. Work—Life Balance

18. Perceived Utility of Welfare Initiatives in an Italian Multinational Corporation
Simona Ricotta, Claudio G. Cortese, Chiara Ghislieri

19. The Role of Work–Family Spillover in Psychological Well-being and Psychological Discomfort at Work
Lara Colombo, Chiara Ghislieri

20. The Impact of Law 53/2000 (Regulation of Parental Leave) on Fathers
Sara Mazzucchelli

21. Female Participation to Labor Markets and the Role of Policy Measures in Local Performance
Raffaella Patimo

22. Reconciling Work and Family Life
Carla Spinelli

Part V. Organizational Efficiency

23. Promoting Psychological Health and Performance in an Educational Work Context: How the Satisfaction of Three Basic Psychological Needs Can Help Achieve Both
Maryse Brien, Jean-Sébastien Boudrias, Dominic Lapointe, André Savoie

24. A Study of Willingness to Mentor
Paola Gatti, Stefania Santoro

25. The Right Place for the Right Man
Lucia Monacis, Maria Sinatra

Keywords: Business and Management, Human Resource Management, Management, Organization, Careers in Business and Mangagement, Economics, general

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