Benedek, Wolfgang

Transnational Terrorism, Organized Crime and Peace-Building

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Table of contents

Part I. Concepts and Methodologies

1. The Human Security Approach to Terrorism and Organized Crime in Post-Conflict Situations
Wolfgang Benedek

2. Human Security and Peace-Building in the Western Balkans
Svetlana Djurdjevic-Lukic, Vojin Dimitrijević

3. Human Security in a Weak State in the Balkans: Globalization and Transnational Networks
Denisa Kostovicova, Vesna Bojicic-Dzelilovic

4. Terrorism and Organized Crime: One or Two Challenges?
Christopher Daase

5. Fear of Terrorism: Coping Paradox and Gender
Sarah Ben-David, Keren Cohen-Louck

6. Networks and the Study of Criminal and Terrorist Organizations
Georgios Kolliarakis

7. Money Laundering and Financing Terrorism: Legal Distinctions
Marianne Hilf

Part II. Transnational Terrorism and Organized Crime in the Western Balkans

8. Researching Terrorism and Organized Crime in Southeast Europe
Hans-Jörg Albrecht, Anna-Maria Getoš

9. Getting Better? A Map of Organized Crime in the Western Balkans
Dejan Anastasijevic

10. The Longest Siege Humanitarians and Profiteers in the Battle for Sarajevo
Peter Andreas

11. Unholy Alliances: Evidence on Linkages between Trans-State Terrorism and Crime Networks: The Case of Bosnia
Lyubov G. Mincheva, Ted Robert Gurr

12. The Small Arms and Light Weapons Problem in the Western Balkans
Iztok Prezelj

Part III. Impact on Peace-Building and the Role of the International Community on the Western Balkans

13. Dealing with Armed Non-State Actors in Peace- and State-Building, Types and Strategies
Ulrich Schneckener

14. Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Western Balkans’ System of Security
Lada Sadikovic

15. Bosnia and the Art of Policy Implementation: Obstacles to International Counter-Crime Strategies
Cornelius Friesendorf, Ursula C. Schroeder, Irma Deljkic

16. The Corruption of Human Rights: A Problem of Good Intentions
Nicholas Dorn

17. Victims’ Participation in the Criminal Justice System and its Impact on Peace-Building
Alline Pedra Jorge-Birol

18. Nationalist Violence in Post-Milošević Serbia: Extremist Right-Wing Youth Groups as Instruments of Intimidation of Civic-Minded Individuals and Organizations
Sarah Correia

19. Conclusion: The Impact of Transnational Terrorism and Organized Crime on the Peace-Building Process in the Western Balkans
Wolfgang Benedek

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, International Relations, Terrorism and Political Violence, Organized Crime, Military and Defence Studies, Peace Studies

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