Kerslake, Celia

Turkey’s Engagement with Modernity

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Atatürk and Kemalism throughout the Twentieth Century
Andrew Mango

Part I. The State, Its Politics and International Relations

2. The Ottoman Educational Legacy
Benjamin C. Fortna

3. Genç Kalemler and Turkish Nationalism
Murat Belge

4. Nation Building and Feminism in Early Republican Turkey
Yeşim Arat

5. The Importance of Being Secular: Islam in the Service of the National and Pre-National State
Erik-Jan Zürcher

6. Transformation of Sufi-Based Communities in Modern Turkey: The Nakşibendis, the Nurcus, and the Gülen Community
Elizabeth Özdalga

7. Military and Politics in Turkey
Feroz Ahmad

8. The Turkish Grand National Assembly: New Challenges and Old Problems
Ersin Kalaycioğlu

9. University Governance in Turkey
İlter Turan

10. Opportunities, Freedoms and Restrictions: Women and Employment in Turkey
Zehra F. Kabasakal Arat

11. Poverty, Social Policy and Modernity in Turkey
Sencer Ayata

12. Forgotten Campaigns: A History of Disease in Turkey
Halis Akder

13. Turkey and the Great Powers
Henri J. Barkey

14. The Evolution of Turkish National Security Strategy
Ian Lesser

15. Turkey’s Engagement with Europe: A History of Mutual Management
Nuri Yurdusev

Part II. Society and Culture in Flux

16. “Westernisation against the West”: Cultural Politics in the Early Turkish Republic
Orhan Koçak

17. The Turkish Novel: From Model of Modernity to Puzzle of Postmodernity
Nüket Esen

18. The Turkish Music Reform: From Late Ottoman Times to the Early Republic
Emre Araci

19. Fashioning the Turkish Body Politic
Arus Yumul

20. Two Faces of the Press in Turkey: The Role of the Media in Turkey’s Modernisation and Democracy
Şahin Alpay

21. Rapid Commercialisation and Continued Control: The Turkish Media in the 1990s
Ayşe Öncü

22. From ‘Cubic Houses’ to Suburban Villas: Residential Architecture and the Elites in Turkey
Sibel Bozdoğan

23. Tin Town to Fanatics: Turkey’s Rural to Urban Migration from 1923 to the Present
Jenny B. White

24. Oral History and Memory Studies in Turkey
Leyla Neyzi

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, European Union Politics, European Politics, Political Sociology, Political Theory, Political Science, US Politics

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St Antony’s Series
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