Braithwaite, Jeffrey

Culture and Climate in Health Care Organizations

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Why Focus on Culture and Climate?
Catherine Pope, Jeffrey Braithwaite, Paula Hyde

Part I. Culture and Climate in Changing Health Systems

2. Converging and Diverging Concepts in Culture and Climate Research: Cultate or Climure?
Jeffrey Braithwaite, David Greenfield, Mary T. Westbrook

3. Changing Management Cultures in the English National Health Service
Russell Mannion, Huw Davies, Stephen Harrison, Frederick Konteh, Rowena Jacobs, Kieran Walshe

4. Culture Made Flesh: Discourse, Performativity and Materiality
Tim Freeman, Edward Peck

Part II. Relationships and Collaboration

5. Organizational-Professional Conflict in Medicine
Anneke Fitzgerald, Ann Dadich

6. People, Place and Innovation: How Organizational Culture and Physical Environment Shaped the Implementation of the NHS TC Programme
Catherine Pope, Andrée May Le, John Gabbay

7. Interpersonal Relationships and Decision-Making about Patient Flow: What and Who Really Matters?
Kathy Eljiz, Anneke Fitzgerald, Terrence Sloan

8. Bullying, Culture, and Climate in Health care Organizations: A theoretical Framework
Juliet MacMahon, Sarah MacCurtain, Michelle O’Sullivan

9. Changing Relationships between Health Service Managers: Confrontation, Collusion and Collaboration
Paula Hyde

10. HRM Practice Systems in Employer-of-Choice Health Care Organizations
Kent V. Rondeau, Terry H. Wagar

11. Team Climate and Clinical Information Systems
Joanne L. Callen, Jeffrey Braithwaite, Johanna I. Westbrook

12. Health Network Culture and Reform
Rod Sheaff, Lawrence Benson, Louise Farbus, Jill Schofield, Russell Mannion, David Reeves

13. Primary Health Care Innovation Sites: Learning to Create New Cultures of Care
Ann Casebeer, Trish Reay, Karen Golden-Biddle, Bob Hinings, Kathy Germ

Part III. Research into Practice

14. A Shared Vision: Using Action Research for Work Culture Change in a Cardiology Department
Susan Long, Dan Penny, Stanley Gold, Wendy Harding

15. Creating a Climate for Service Improvement through Role Structures
Aoife McDermott, Mary A. Keating

16. Accountability and Transparency through the Technologization of Practice
David Greenfield

17. The Role of Cultural Performance in Health Care Commissioning
Helen Dickinson, Edward Peck, Joan Durose, Elizabeth Wade

18. Conclusion: Culture and Climate in Health Care Organizations — Evidentiary, Conceptual and Practical progress
Paula Hyde, Catherine Pope, Jeffrey Braithwaite

Keywords: Business and Management, Management, Organization, Operation Research/Decision Theory, Economics, general

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Organizational Behaviour in Health Care
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