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Pugh, Jonathan

What is Radical Politics Today?

Pugh, Jonathan - What <Emphasis Type="Italic">is</Emphasis> Radical Politics Today?, ebook


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Table of contents

1. What is Radical Politics Today?
Jonathan Pugh

Part I. Grand Visions

2. Getting to the Roots of Radical Politics Today
Zygmunt Bauman

3. What Happened to Radical Humanism?
Frank Furedi

4. Victim of Success: Green Politics Today
Paul Kingsnorth

5. Radicalism Against the Masses
James Heartfield

6. Moving Targets and Political Judgements
Terrell Carver

7. The Forces Shaping Radical Politics Today
Clare Short

8. Resistance after the Spatial Turn
Edward W. Soja

Part II. New Forms of Radical Politics

9. Questioning Global Political Activism
David Chandler

10. Rethinking Political Organisation
Hilary Wainwright

11. Iraq, Trauma and Dissent in Visual Culture
Dora Apel

12. Radicalism, Writ Large and Small
Michael J. Watts

13. Continuing the Struggle in Hard Times
Jason Toynbee

14. A Politics of Commitment
James Martin

15. Beyond Gesture, Beyond Pragmatism
Jeremy Gilbert, Jo Littler

16. Invention and Hard Work
Doreen Massey

Part III. Diversity and Difference

17. Progressivism Reinvigorated
Gregor McLennan

18. In Defence of Multicultural Citizenship
Tariq Modood

19. New Left and Old Far Right: Tolerating the Intolerable
Nick Cohen

20. Clashing the Civilisations
Amir Saeed, David Bates

21. Radicalism is Nostalgia
Alastair Bonnett

22. Universal Conditions: Modern Childhood
Ken Worpole

23. A New Politics of Innovation
Sheila Jasanoff

24. Universities are Radical
Nigel Thrift

25. Radical Politics After the Crisis
Will Hutton

Part IV. The Role of the State

26. Anarchism
Saul Newman

27. The Importance of Engaging the State
Chantal Mouffe

28. Common-sense Beyond the Neo-liberal State
David Featherstone

29. Democracy, the State and Capitalism Today
Alejandro Colás, Jason Edwards

30. Tackling the Supplicant State
David Boyle

31. The Potential for a Progressive State?
Saskia Sassen

Keywords: Social Sciences, Political Sociology, Political Science, Political Theory, Political Economy

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