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Memorialization in Germany since 1945

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Bill Niven, Chloe Paver

Section 1. Remembering German Losses

2. The Volkstrauertag (People’s Day of Mourning) from 1922 to the Present
Alexandra Kaiser

3. Beyond Usable Pasts: Rethinking the Memorialization of the Strategic Air War in Germany, 1940 to 1965
Jörg Arnold

4. Roads to Revision: Disputes over Street Names Referring to the German Eastern Territories after the First and Second World Wars in the Cities of Dresden and Mainz, 1921 to 1972
Christian Lotz

5. Monuments and Commemorative Sites for German Expellees
Hans Hesse, Elke Purpus

6. A Memorial Laissez-Passer? Church Exhibitions and National Victimhood in Germany
Daniela Sandler

7. Remembering on Foreign Soil: The Activities of the German War Graves Commission
David Livingstone

8. Neither Here nor There? Memorialization of the Expulsion of Ethnic Germans
Dagmar Kift

Section 2. Remembering Nazi Crimes, Perpetrators, and Victims

9. The Mediators: Memorialization Endeavours of the Regional Offices for Political Education (Landeszentralen für politische Bildung)
Dieter K. Buse

10. Memorialization of Perpetrator Sites in Bavaria
Markus Urban

11. Pieces of the Past: Souvenirs from Nazi Sites — The Example of Peenemünde
Ulrike Dittrich

12. Remembering Euthanasia: Grafeneck in the Past, Present, and Future
Susanne C. Knittel

13. Remembering Prisoners of War as Victims of National Socialist Persecution and Murder in Post-War Germany
Jens Nagel

14. (In)Visible Trauma: Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset’s Memorial to the Homosexuals Persecuted under the National Socialist Regime
Thomas O. Haakenson

15. Memorializing the White Rose Resistance Group in Post-War Germany
Katie Rickard

16. The Role of German Perpetrator Sites in Teaching and Confronting the Nazi Past
Caroline Pearce

Section 3. Remembering Jewish Suffering

17. Memorialization through Documentation: Holocaust Commemoration among Jewish Displaced Persons in Allied-Occupied Germany
Laura Jockusch

18. Memorializing Persecuted Jews in Dachau and Other West German Concentration Camp Memorial Sites
Harold Marcuse

19. Remembering Nazi Anti-Semitism in the GDR
Bill Niven

20. Rosenstraße: A Complex Site of German-Jewish Memory
Hilary Potter

21. The Counter-Monument: Memory Shaped by Male Post-War Legacies
Corinna Tomberger

22. Stumbling Blocks: A Decentralized Memorial to Holocaust Victims
Michael Imort

23. Affective Memory, Ineffective Functionality: Experiencing Berlin’s Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
Brigitte Sion

24. From Monuments to Installations: Aspects of Memorialization in Historical Exhibitions about the National Socialist Era
Chloe Paver

Section 4. Socialist Memory and Memory of Socialism

25. Heroes and Victims: The Aesthetics and Ideology of Monuments and Memorials in the GDR
Susanne Scharnowski

26. Beating Nazis and Exporting Socialism: Representing East German War Memory to Foreign Tourists
Lynne Fallwell

27. Memorializing Socialist Contradictions: A ‘Think-Mark’ for Rosa Luxemburg in the New Berlin
Riccardo Bavaj

28. Challenging or Concretizing Cold War Narratives? Berlin’s Memorial to the Victims of 17 June 1953
Anna Saunders

29. GDR Monuments in Unified Germany
Mia Lee

30. Memorialization of the German-German Border in the Context of Constructions of Heimat
Gerd Knischewski, Ulla Spittler

31. The Fight in the Prison Car Park: Memorializing Germany’s ‘Double Past’ in Torgau since 1990
Andrew H. Beattie

Section 5. Memorializing Germany’s Ambivalent Legacies

32. Martin Luther — Rebel, Genius, Liberator: Politics and Marketing 1517–2017
Ulrike Zitzlsperger

33. Building Up and Tearing Down the Myth of German Colonialism: Colonial Denkmale and Mahnmale after 1945
Jason Verber

34. Remembering the Battle of Jutland in Post-War Wilhelmshaven
Georg Götz

35. The Memoralization of 9 November 1918 in the Two German States
Arne Segelke

36. A Democratic Legacy? The Memorialization of the Weimar Republic and the Politics of History of the Federal Republic of Germany
Sebastian Ullrich

37. Memorializing the Military: Traditions, Exhibitions, and Monuments in the West German Army from the 1950s to the Present
Jörg Echternkamp

38. The Legacy of Second German Empire Memorials after 1945
Bill Niven

Keywords: History, History of Germany and Central Europe, European History, Modern History, Social History, Cultural History, Cultural Heritage

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