Aliber, Robert Z.

The New International Money Game

Aliber, Robert Z. - The New International Money Game, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Robert Z. Aliber

2. A System Is How the Pieces Fit
Robert Z. Aliber

3. The Name of the Game Is Money — But the Disputes Are about Where the Jobs Are
Robert Z. Aliber

Part I. International Monetary Arrangements, Money, and Politics

4. Gold — How Much Is a ‘Barbarous Relic’ Worth?
Robert Z. Aliber

5. The Gnomes of Zurich Play in the Largest Market in the World
Robert Z. Aliber

6. The Greatest Monetary Agreement in History
Robert Z. Aliber

7. Radio Luxembourg and the Eurodollar Market Are Both Offshore Stations
Robert Z. Aliber

8. The Dollar and Coca-Cola Are Both Brand Names
Robert Z. Aliber

9. They Invented Money So They Could Have Inflation
Robert Z. Aliber

10. Global Imbalances and the Persistent US Trade Deficit
Robert Z. Aliber

11. Five Asset Price Bubbles in 30 Years — A New World Record
Robert Z. Aliber

12. A New World Record — Four Financial Crises in 25 Years
Robert Z. Aliber

13. Central Bankers Read Election Returns, Not Balance Sheets
Robert Z. Aliber

14. Monetary Reform — Where Do the Problems Go When Assumed To Have Been Solved?
Robert Z. Aliber

Part II. The Cost of 100 National Monies

15. Globalization 1.0 — The Silk Road to Asia and the Salt Caravans across the Sahara
Robert Z. Aliber

16. Taxation, Regulation, and the Level Playing Field
Robert Z. Aliber

17. Banking on the Wire
Robert Z. Aliber

18. The Reverend Thomas Malthus, the OPEC Cartel, and the Price of Energy from 1800 to 2100
Robert Z. Aliber

19. The World Market for Bonds and Stocks
Robert Z. Aliber

20. MBSs, ABSs, CMOs, CDOs, Zeros, Swaps, Options, and Credit Default Swaps — The Revolution in Finance
Robert Z. Aliber

21. Why Are Multinational Firms Mostly American?
Robert Z. Aliber

22. Japan — The First Superstate
Robert Z. Aliber

23. China — The 800-Pound Gorilla
Robert Z. Aliber

24. From Marxist Command Economies to Market Capitalism
Robert Z. Aliber

25. Fitting the Pieces Together Once Again
Robert Z. Aliber

Keywords: Economics, Macroeconomics/Monetary Economics//Financial Economics, International Economics, Banking

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