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Researching Collocations in Another Language

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Researching L2 Collocation Knowledge and Development
Andy Barfield, Henrik Gyllstad

Part I. L2 Collocation Learner Corpus Research

2. Effects of Second Language Immersion on Second Language Collocational Development
Nicholas Groom

3. Sound Evidence: Phraseological Units in Spoken Corpora
Phoebe Ming-sum Lin, Svenja Adolphs

4. Exploring L1 and L2 Writing Development through Collocations: A Corpus-based Look
Randi Reppen

5. Commentary on Part I: Learner Corpora: A Window onto the L2 Phrasicon
Sylviane Granger

Part II. L2 Collocation Lexicographic and Classroom Materials Research

6. Towards Collocational Webs for Presenting Collocations in Learners’ Dictionaries
Susanne Handl

7. Japanese Learners’ Collocation Dictionary Retrieval Performance
Yuri Komuro

8. Designing Pedagogic Materials to Improve Awareness and Productive Use of L2 Collocations
Jingyi Jiang

9. Commentary on Part II: Exploring Materials for the Study of L2 Collocations
Hilary Nesi

Part III. L2 Collocation Knowledge Assessment Research

10. Evaluating a New Test of Whole English Collocations
Robert Lee Revier

11. Toward an Assessment of Learners’ Receptive and Productive Syntagmatic Knowledge
June Eyckmans

12. Designing and Evaluating Tests of Receptive Collocation Knowledge: COLLEX and COLLMATCH
Henrik Gyllstad

13. Commentary on Part III: Developing and Validating Tests of L2 Collocation Knowledge
John Shillaw

Part IV. L2 Collocation Learner Process and Practice Research

14. Collocation Learning through an ‘AWARE’ Approach: Learner Perspectives and Learning Process
Yang Ying, Marnie O’Neill

15. Learning Collocations through Attention-Drawing Techniques: A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
Elke Peters

16. Following Individuals’ L2 Collocation Development over Time
Andy Barfield

17. Commentary on Part IV: Processes in the Development of L2 Collocational Knowledge — A Challenge for Language Learners, Researchers and Teachers
Birgit Henriksen, Lars Stenius Stœhr

18. Conclusion: Navigating L2 Collocation Research
Alison Wray

Keywords: Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Language Teaching, Language Education, Language and Literature

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