Carvalho, Susana

Nations and their Histories

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Susana Carvalho, François Gemenne

Part I. National Histories and the Construction of Nations

2. Nationalism and the Making of National Pasts
John Breuilly

3. The Comparative History of National Historiographies in Europe: Some Methodological Reflections and Preliminary Results
Stefan Berger

4. ‘Colonising’ The Past: History and Memory in Greece and Turkey
Spyros A. Sofos, Umut Özkirimli

5. The Politics of Memorialisation in Zimbabwe
Terence Ranger

6. Beginning the World over Again: Past and Future in American Nationalism
Don H. Doyle

7. Rediscovering Columbus in Nineteenth-Century American Textbooks
Christine Cadot

8. Social Darwinism and Nationalism in Mexico
D. A. Brading

Part II. Present Representations of National Histories

9. Eternal France: Crisis and National Self-Perception in France, 1870–2005
Robert Gildea

10. Cuisine, Nationality and the Making of a National Meal: The English Breakfast
Kaori O’Connor

11. National Restoration and Moral Renewal: The Dialectics of the Past in the Emergence of Modern Israel
Allon Gal

12. Crafting Iranian Nationalism: Intersectionality of Aryanism, Westernism and Islamism
Azadeh Kian, Gilles Riaux

13. The Union Des Populations Du Cameroun, from Vilification to National Recognition: The Evolution of State Discourses on the Nationalist Political Party in Post-Colonial Cameroon
Carine Nsoudou

14. Refashioning Sub-National Pasts for Post-National Futures: The Xhosa Cattle Killing in Recent South African Literature
Jennifer Wenzel

15. A Season of War: Warriors, Veterans and Warfare in American Nationalism
Susan-Mary Grant

16. Sinocentricism and the National Question in China
Eric Hyer

17. Nation, History, Museum: The Politics of the Past at the National Museum of Australia
Ben Wellings

18. Conclusion
Susana Carvalho, François Gemenne

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, International Organization, World History, Global and Transnational History, Political Theory, Political Philosophy, Historiography and Method, Political Science

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