Huskey, Eugene

Russian Bureaucracy and the State

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Russian Officialdom since 1881
Don K. Rowney, Eugene Huskey

Part I. Late Tsarist Officialdom

2. The Institutional Structure of Late Tsarist Officialdom: An Introduction
Don K. Rowney

3. Imperial Russian Officialdom during Modernization
Don K. Rowney

4. Identities, Loyalties and Government Service in Tsarist Ukraine
Stephen Velychenko

5. Multi-ethnicity and Estonian Tsarist State Officials in Estland Province, 1881–1914
Bradley D. Woodworth

6. The Military Bureaucracy in the Samarkand Oblast’; of Russian Turkestan
Alexander Morrison

Part II. Soviet Officialdom

7. An Introduction to Soviet Officialdom
Eugene Huskey, Don K. Rowney

8. The Communist Party and the Weakness of Bureaucratic Norms
Graeme Gill

9. White-Collar Workers in the Second Revolution and Postwar Reconstruction
Daniel Orlovsky

10. Survival Strategies in the Soviet Bureaucracy: The Case of the Statistics Administration
Martine Mespoulet

11. Corruption among Officials and Anticorruption Drives in the USSR, 1945–1964
James Heinzen

12. Soviet Foreign Policy from the 1970s through the Gorbachev Era: The Role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Communist Party International Department
Marie-Pierre Rey

Part III. Post-communist Officialdom

13. An Introduction to Post-communist Officialdom
Eugene Huskey

14. Hiring and Promoting Young Civil Servants: Weberian Ideals versus Russian Reality
Vladimir Gimpelson, Vladimir Magun, Robert J. Brym

15. The Politics-Administration Nexus in Post-communist Russia
Eugene Huskey

16. Delivering State Services to the Population: The Development of State Welfare Agencies in Post-Soviet Russia
Cecile Lefevre

17. The Fate of Russian Officialdom: Fundamental Reform or Technical Improvements?
Alexei Barabashev, Mikhail Krasnov, Alexander Obolonsky, Tatiana Zaitseva

18. Why Is It So Difficult to Reform Russian Officialdom?
Alexander Obolonsky

19. Conclusion
Eugene Huskey, Don K. Rowney

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, European Politics, Russian and Post-Soviet Politics, Public Administration, Political Science, Russian, Soviet, and East European History

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