Brady, Sara

Crossroads: Performance Studies and Irish Culture

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Performance Studies and Irish Culture
Fintan Walsh, Sara Brady

Part I. Tradition, Ritual, and Play

2. Performing Ireland: A Performative Approach to the Study of Irish Culture
Jack Santino

3. Performing Tradition
Bernadette Sweeney

4. Sporting ‘Irish’ Identities: Performance and the Gaelic Games
Sara Brady

5. ‘It’s beyond Candide — it’s Švejk’: Wise Foolery in the Work of Jack Lynch, Storyteller
Mike Wilson

6. Traditional Irish Music in the Twenty-first Century: Networks, Technology, and the Negotiation of Authenticity
Scott Spencer

Part II. Place, Landscape, and Commemoration

7. ‘Tapping Secrecies of Stone’: Irish Roads as Performances of Movement, Measurement, and Memory
J’aime Morrison

8. Commemoration and the Performance of Irish Famine Memory
Emily Mark FitzGerald

9. Performing ‘the Troubles’: Murals and the Spectacle of Commemoration at Free Derry Corner
Matthew Spangler

10. St Patrick’s Purgatory and the Performance of Pilgrimage
David Cregan

Part III. Political Performances

11. De Valera Performs the Oath: Word, Voice, Book, and Act
Anne Pulju

12. Between the Living and the Dead: Performative ‘in-betweens’ in the Works of Alastair MacLennan
Carmen Szabô

13. Jus Soli/Jus Sanguinis: The Biopolitics of Performing Irishness
Matthew Causey

Part IV. Gender, Feminism, and Queer Performance

14. Ghosting Bridgie Cleary: Tom Mac Intyre and Staging This Woman’s Death
Charlotte McIvor

15. Challenging Patriarchal Imagery: Amanda Coogan’s Performance Art
Gabriella Calchi Novati

16. Homelysexuality and the ‘Beauty’ Pageant
Fintan Walsh

Part V. Diaspora, Migration, and Globalization

17. Taking Northern Irish Identity on the Road: The Smithsonian Folklife Festival of 2007
E. Moore Quinn

18. Who’s Laughing Now? Comic Currents for a New Irish Audience
Eric Weitz

19. Parading Multicultural Ireland: Identity Politics and National Agendas in the 2007 St Patrick’s Festival
Holly Maples

Keywords: Cultural and Media Studies, Theatre and Performance Studies, Performing Arts, Music, Literature, general, History of Britain and Ireland, Modern History

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