Hunter, Lynette

Mapping Landscapes for Performance as Research

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Table of contents

Part I. Lay of the Landscape — Geographies, Legacies, Disciplines

1. Performance Practice as Research: Perspectives from a Small Island
Baz Kershaw

2. Working on the Middle Ground: A Case Study of Institutional Inter-Action about Practice as Research
Simon Jones

3. Troubling Performance: Local, National and International
Richard Gough

4. Using Performance as a Practice as Research Tool in Africa
Jane Plastow

5. Rating the Theatre Practitioner: A South African Case Study
Temple Hauptfleisch

6. Performance as Research in Australia: Legitimating Epistemologies
Brad Haseman

7. Locating the Artist-Researcher: Shifting Sites of Performance as Research (PAR) in Canada
Laura Levin

8. Social Performance Studies (in China): Between the Real and the Virtual
William Huizhu Sun, Faye Chunfang Fei

9. Artistic Research — from Apartness to the Umbrella Concept at the Theatre Academy, Finland
Annette Arlander

10. An Actor Prepares: Performance as Research (PAR) in the Theatre
Ian Watson

11. Making a Dance/Researching through Movement
Susan Leigh Foster

12. Performance as Research (PAR) in North American Ethnomusicology
Sandra Jean Graham

13. The Three Configurations of Studio-Art PhDs
James Elkins

14. Approaching Knowledge, Research, Performance and the Arts
Arthur J. Sabatini

Part II. Cartographies — Terms for Finding/Charting the Way(s)

15. Action Research
Kim Yasuda

16. Disjunction: Performing Media Space
Nick Kaye

17. Embodiment
Peter Lichtenfels, Matthew Goulish, Tim Etchells, Stephen Bottoms

18. Environment
Baz Kershaw

19. Lab/Studio
Shannon Rose Riley

20. Medium
Susan Kelly

21. Oral History
Della Pollock

22. Site-Particular
Ilya Noé

23. Situated Knowledge
Lynette Hunter

Part III. Mapping PAR in the United States — Communities, Classrooms, Stages, and Holodecks

24. When Is Art Research?
Shannon Jackson

25. The Oral History Project: Practice-Based Research in Theatre and Performance
Lara D. Nielsen

26. University Gamelan Ensembles as Research
Henry Spiller

27. Performative and Pedagogical Interventions: Embodying Whiteness as Cultural Critique
John T. Warren

28. Open up the Box: Pedagogy, Action Research and Art
Kim Yasuda

29. Searching for Spalding Gray: PAR Pedagogy, an Undergraduate Ensemble, and “The Edinburgh Project”
Rosemary Malague

30. Valuing Performance/Practice as Academic Knowledge
Lynette Hunter

31. Performed Research: Audience as Investigator
Marilyn Arsem

32. Miss Translation USA Goes to Cuba: Performance as Research toward a Performative Ethnography
Shannon Rose Riley

33. Acting (on) Our Own Discomforts: BLW’s [Media] Performance as Research
Julie Wyman

34. Theory/Practice as Research: Explorations, Questions and Suggestions
Lynette Hunter

35. Dramaturgy: Conceptual Understanding and the Fickleness of Process
Jon D. Rossini

36. Collisions in Time: Twenty-First-Century Actors Explore Delsarte on the Holodeck
Sharon Marie Carnicke

37. Living on the Edge: Alternate Controllers and the Obstinate Interface
Joseph Butch Rovan

Keywords: Cultural and Media Studies, Theatre and Performance Studies, Theatre History, Environment, general

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