Bivins, Roberta

Medicine, Madness and Social History

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: ‘De Omni Scribili
John Pickstone, Roberta Bivins

1. Roy Porter and the Persons of History

2. Roy Porter and the Persons of History
Harold J. Cook

Part I. The Science of History and the Politics of Science

3. Porter versus Foucault on the ‘Birth of the Clinic’
Adrian Wilson

4. The ‘New History’ of the Enlightenment: An Essay in the Social History of Social History
Peter Burke

5. The Politics of Particularism: Medicalization and Medical Reform in Nineteenth-century Britain
Ian Burney

6. Charles Babbage and George Birkbeck: Science, Reform and Radicalism
Dorothy Porter

Part II. Bodies, Commodities and Social Difference

7. French Dentists and English Teeth in the Long Eighteenth Century: A Tale of Two Cities and One Dentist
Colin Jones

8. Hotbeds and Cool Fruits: The Unnatural Cultivation of the Eighteenth-century Cucumber
Anne Secord

9. Arguing Disability: Ex-Servicemen’s Own Stories in Early Modern England, 1590–1790
Geoffrey L. Hudson

10. Lunacy and Labouring Men: Narratives of Male Vulnerability in Mid-Victorian London
Akihito Suzuki

11. ‘Arrows of Desire’: British Sexual Utopians and the Politics of Health
Lesley A. Hall

12. ‘Twenty Centuries of Christianity Weigh Heavily on Women’s Brains …’: Anarchism, Science and Women’s Nature in Spain at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
Katharina Rowold

13. ‘A Band of Lunatics down Camberwell Way’: Percy Lane Oliver and Voluntary Blood Donation in Interwar Britain
Kim Pelis

Part III. Minds, Identities and Social Order

14. Murder, Melancholy and the Insanity Defence in Eighteenth-century Hamburg
Mary Lindemann

15. ‘One of the Best-Known Identity Crises in History’? John Stuart Mill’s Mental Crisis and its Meanings
Chandak Sengoopta

16. Murder by Hypnosis? Altered States and the Mental Geography of Science
Emese Lafferton

17. Maladies of the Will: Freedom, Fetters and the Fear of Freud
Daniel Pick

18. Two Cultures Revisited: The Case of the Fin de Siècle

Mark S. Micale

19. Roy
William F. Bynum

Keywords: History, History of Science, European History, Modern History, History of Psychology, History of Medicine, History of Early Modern Europe

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