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The Blair Legacy

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: How to Assess the Blair Legacy?
Terrence Casey

Part I. Politics

2. Blair’s Electoral Record
David Denver, Justin Fisher

3. The Party is Over: The “Modernization” of the British Labour Party
Florence Faucher-King

4. The Conservatives: Trounced, Transfixed — and Transformed?
Tim Bale

5. The Liberal Democrats after Blair
Andrew Russell, David Cutts

6. The Pressure Group Challenge
Wyn Grant

7. New Labour, the Third Way and Social Democracy: An Ideological Assessment
Nick Randall, James Sloam

Part II. Policy

8. Blair and the NHS: Resistible Force Meets Moveable Object?
Calum Paton

9. Reformulating Social Policy: The Minimum Wage, the New Deal, and the Working Families Tax Credit
Jerold Waltman

10. New Labour and the British Model of Capitalism
Terrence Casey, Alistair Q. Howard

11. Judicial Reform and Human Rights
Mark Bevir, Richard Maiman

Part III. Governance

12. Tony Blair as Prime Minister
Mark Bennister

13. The Role of Parliament under Blair
Mark Stuart

14. The Blair Government, Devolution and Regionalism in the United Kingdom
Jonathan Bradbury

15. Mayors, Monitors and Measurers: Blair’s Legacy to Local Democracy
Chris Game

16. The Constitutional Revolution of Tony Blair
James E. Alt

Part IV. Foreign Affairs

17. What Difference Did He Make? Tony Blair and British Foreign Policy from 1997–2007
Stephen Benedict Dyson

18. The Mistake Heard Round the World: Iraq and the Blair Legacy
David Coates, Joel Krieger

19. A Just War: Prime Minister Tony Blair and the End of Saddam’s Iraq
Ted R. Bromund

20. US-UK Relations: Structure, Agency and the Special Relationship
John Dumbrell

21. Blair and the European Union
Scott James, Kai Oppermann

22. Conclusion: The Legacy of Tony Blair
Jonathan Tonge

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, European Union Politics, British Politics, Public Policy, Political Science, International Relations, Political Theory

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