Tibi, Bassam

Islam between Culture and Politics

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Islam between Culture and Politics — the Scope and Implications
Bassam Tibi

Part I. Religion, Culture and Development — Islam between Past and Present

2. Religion, Culture and Social Reality: Islam as a Cultural System, and its Diversity
Bassam Tibi

3. Cultural Patterns and the Perception of Change in Islam. A Religious Model for Reality: the Islamic Worldview
Bassam Tibi

4. Culture and Social Change: Tradition and Innovation in Cultural Analysis
Bassam Tibi

Part II. The Context: the Politicisation of Islam in the Global Age

5. The Dichotomy of Structural Globalisation and Fragmenting Cultural Self-Assertion: the Case of Islamic Civilisation
Bassam Tibi

6. The Politicisation of Religion: Political Islam as a Defensive-Cultural Response to Global Challenges. A Social-Scientific Interpretation
Bassam Tibi

7. From Religious Belief to Political Commitment: the Fundamentalist Revolt against the Secular Order. Between Cultural Modernity and Neo-Absolutism
Bassam Tibi

Part III. The Framework: the Means of Politicisation. The Revival of the Shari’a and the Islamisation of Education

8. Social Change and the Potential for Flexibility in Islamic Law: the Shari’a between Ethics and Politicisation
Bassam Tibi

9. Institutions of Learning and Education in Islam: between the Cultural Accommodation of Change, Religious Orthodoxy and the Politics of Cultural Islamisation
Bassam Tibi

Part IV. The Topicality: Islam and the West between Inter-Civilisational Dialogue and Political Antagonisation

10. Islam Matters to the West! Islam and Europe, Islam in Europe: Islamic Migration between Cultural Assimilation, Political Integration and Communitarian Ghettoisation
Bassam Tibi

11. Islam and the West in the Age of Conflict among Civilisations: the Alternative of Intercultural Dialogue as a Means of Conflict Resolution
Bassam Tibi

Part V. The Predicament of Islam between Culture and Politics Revisited after September 11, 2001 and March 11, 2004

12. September 11, the Global Cultural Turn and the Return of the Sacred in Islamic Civilisation: between Religious Revival and the New Totalitarianism of Political Islam
Bassam Tibi

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, Middle Eastern Politics, Sociology of Religion, Islam, Political Theory, International Relations, Democracy

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