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Anatol, Giselle Liza

Bringing Light to Twilight

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Table of contents

1. Introduction

1. Introduction
Giselle Liza Anatol

Part I. Literary Contexts: Past and Present

2. The Wolf in the Woods: Representations of “Little Red Riding Hood” in Twilight

Margaret Kramar

3. Textual Vampirism in the Twilight Saga: Drawing Feminist Life from Jane Eyre and Teen Fantasy Fiction
Kristina Deffenbacher, Mikayla Zagoria-Moffet

4. Serial Experiments in Popular Culture: The Resignification of Gothic Symbology in Anita Blake Vampire Hunter and the Twilight Series
Carole Veldman-Genz

5. Twilight, Translated
Kim Allen Gleed

6. Variations, Subversions, and Endless Love: Fan Fiction and the Twilight Saga
Maria Lindgren Leavenworth

7. True Blood Waits: The Romance of Law and Literature
Meredith Wallis

Part II. Gender and Sexuality

8. Wake Up, Bella! a Personal Essay on Twilight, Mormonism, Feminism, and Happiness
Tammy Dietz

9. “When you kiss me, I want to die”: Arrested Feminism in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Twilight Series
Rhonda Nicol

10. “One is not born a vampire, but becomes one”: Motherhood and Masochism in Twilight

Merinne Whitton

11. Of Monsters and Men: Toxic Masculinity and the Twenty-First Century Vampire in the Twilight Saga
Tracy L. Bealer

12. The Other Edward: Twilight’s Queer Construction of the Vampire as an Idealized Teenage Boyfriend
Joseph Michael Sommers, Amy L. Hume

Part III. Class, Race, and Green Space

13. “Embraced” by Consumption: Twilight and the Modern Construction of Gender
Michael J. Goebel

14. Fashion Sucks … Blood: Clothes and Covens in Twilight and Hollywood Culture
Angie Chau

15. Trailing in Jonathan Harker’s Shadow: Bella as Modern-day Ethnographer in Meyer’s Twilight Novels
Joo Ok Kim, Giselle Liza Anatol

16. The Great American Love Affair: Indians in the Twilight Saga
Brianna Burke

17. Green is the New Black: Ecophobia and the Gothic Landscape in the Twilight Series
Tara K. Parmiter

Keywords: Social Sciences, Cultural Studies, Fiction, Literary Theory, Children's Literature, Regional and Cultural Studies, Eighteenth-Century Literature

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