Philpot, Tasha S.

African-American Political Psychology

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Defining African-American Political Psychology
Tasha S. Philpot, Ismail K. White

Part 1. The History of African-American Political Psychology Research in two Disciplines

2. A Meeting of The Minds: Exploring The Intersection of Psychology, Political Science, and Black Politics
Tasha S. Philpot, Kyle Endres, John Iadarola

3. The Political Science Image of The Black Mind: Politics in The Psychology of African Americans
Harwood K. McClerking, Hanes Walton

Part 2. Contemporary Issues in the Psychology of Black Identity

4. Beliefs In Black and White: How Race Influences Americans’ Perceptions of Themselves, Their Racial Group, and Their National Group
Roy J. Eidelson, Mikhail Lyubansky

5. Feeling Different: Racial Group-Based Emotional Response to Political Events
Tasha S. Philpot, Ismail K. White, Kristin Wylie, Ernest B. McGowen

6. When Race Matters and When it Doesn’t: Racial Group Differences in Response to Racial Cues
Ismail K. White

7. One of Our Own: Black Female Candidates and The Voters Who Support Them
Tasha S. Philpot, Hanes Walton

8. Race, Identity, and Candidate Support: A Test of Implicit Preference
Jas M. Sullivan

Part 3. Contemporary Issues in the Psychology of Black Political Attitudes and Behavior

9. Religion Through A Racial Lens: The Effect of Race on Religious Interpretation
Eric L. McDaniel

10. Some Like It Hot: Towards A Political Climate Explanation of Racial Differences in Political Interest
Ray Block

11. Divide and Conquer: How Partisan Race Cues Polarize The Electorate
Vincent L. Hutchings, Nicholas A. Valentino

12. African-American Activists’ Perceptions of Racism and Empowerment
Kenneth Foster

13. Depressing The Vote: The Environmental Determinants of Turnout In African-American Precincts in The 2000 Presidential Election
Ernest B. McGowen

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, Political Science, Political Sociology, Social Policy

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