Maschek, Wolfgang A.

Foreign Direct Investments from Emerging Markets

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Table of contents

1. Overview

1. Foreign Direct Investment by Emerging Market Multinational Enterprises, the Impact of the Financial Crisis and Recession, and Challenges Ahead
Karl P. Sauvant, Wolfgang A. Maschek, Geraldine McAllister

2. Will Natural Resource Constraints Derail Long-Term Global Growth?
Jeffrey D. Sachs

Part One. The Lay of the Land

3. Reflections on Multinational Enterprises in a Globally Interdependent World Economy
Yair Aharoni

4. Toward a Renewed Stages Theory for BRIC Multinational Enterprises? A Home Country Bargaining Approach
Rob Tulder

5. The Theory and Regulation of Emerging Market Multinational Enterprises
Alan M. Rugman

6. Comment: Do We Need a New Theory to Explain Emerging Market Multinational Enterprises?
Art Durnev

Part Two. Gaining Ground — The Expansion of Emerging Market Multinational Enterprises

7. The Transnationalization of Brazilian Companies: Lessons from the Top Twenty Multinational Enterprises
Paulo Resende, André Almeida, Jase Ramsey

8. Takeoff and Turbulence in the Foreign Expansion of Russian Multinational Enterprises
Kalman Kalotay

9. Global Players from India: A Political Economy Perspective
Heather Taylor, Andreas Nölke

10. How Different Are Chinese Foreign Acquisitions? Adding an Indian Comparison
Huaichuan Rui, George S. Yip, Shameen Prashantham

11. Unknown Multinational Enterprises: Top MNEs from Slovenia
Andreja Jaklič, Marjan Svetličič

12. South-South Foreign Direct Investment and Political Risk Insurance: Challenges and Opportunities

Part Three. The Policy Landscape — Outward FDI from Emerging Markets

13. What Can Emerging Markets Learn from the Outward Direct Investment Policies of Advanced Countries?
Peter J. Buckley, Jeremy L. Clegg, Adam R. Cross, Hinrich Voss

14. Changing Policy Regimes in Outward Foreign Direct Investment: From Control to Promotion
Filip Beule, Daniël Bulcke

15. The Role of Government Policies in Promoting Outward Foreign Direct Investment from Emerging Markets: China’s Experience
Qiuzhi Xue, Bingjie Han

16. Multinational Enterprises from Emerging Markets: Implications for the North and the South
Harry G. Broadman

Part Four. The Policy Landscape — Inward FDI from Emerging Markets

17. Is the European Union Ready for Foreign Direct Investment from Emerging Markets?
Judith Clifton, Daniel Díaz-Fuentes

18. Is the United States Ready for Foreign Direct Investment from Emerging Markets? The Case of China
Karl P. Sauvant

19. Bringing Trust Back to the International Investment Regime
Anthony O’Sullivan

Part Five. The Path Ahead

20. The Rise of Emerging Market Multinationals: Investment Promotion Challenges Ahead
Henry Loewendahl

21. The Rise of Emerging Market Multinationals: Economic and Business Challenges Ahead
Gary Clyde Hufbauer, Matthew B. Adler

22. The Rise of Emerging Market Multinationals: Legal Challenges Ahead
José E. Alvarez

6. Conclusion

23. Emerging Market Investment: Continuity or Change?
Stephen Thomsen

Keywords: Economics, International Economics, Development Economics

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