Cook, William A.

The Plight of the Palestinians

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
William A. Cook

Part 1. The Human Tragedy

2. Israel’s Slow-Motion Genocide in Occupied Palestine
Steve Lendman

3. Ongoing Palestinian Genocide
Gideon Polya

4. The Lessons of Violence
Chris Hedges

5. This Brutal Siege of Gaza Can Only Breed Violence
Karen Koning AbuZayd

6. The Olive Trees of Palestine Weep
Sonja Karkar

7. Slouching toward a Palestinian Holocaust
Richard Falk

8. Gaza Is a Jail: Gaza Is Dying
Patrick Cockburn

9. The Shame of Being an American
Paul Craig Roberts

10. Israeli Immunity for Genocide
Andrea Howard

11. Palestinian Misery in Perspective
Paul Rooij

12. A Slow, Steady Genocide
Tanya Reinhart

Part 2. Propaganda, Perception, and Reality

13. Gaza’s Holocaust
Elias Akleh

14. Big Bang or Chaos: What’s Israel Up To?
Ramzy Baroud

15. Israel Plots Another Palestinian Exodus
Jonathan Cook

16. America’s Armageddonites
Jon Basil Utley

17. Does It Matter What You Call It? Genocide or Erasure of Palestinians?
Kathleen, Bill Christison

18. The Problem with Israel
Jeff Halper

19. Genocide Hides behind Expulsion
Adi Ophir

20. Palestine: The Final Solution and Jose Saramago
James Petras

21. The British in Palestine, 1945–1948: A Conveniently Forgotten Holocaust
Robert Fisk

Part 3. Rule by Law or Defiance

22. The Russell Tribunal on Palestine
Stephen Lendman

23. The Necessity of Cultural Boycott
Ilan Pappe

24. European Collusion in Israel’s Slow Genocide
Omar Barghouti

25. The Israeli Agenda and the Scorecard of the Zionist Power Configuration for 2008
James Petras

26. Genocide in Gaza
Ilan Pappe

27. Genocide among Us
Curtis F. J. Doebbler

28. Bleaching the Atrocities of Genocide
Kim Petersen

29. Looking from the Side, from Belsen to Gaza
John Pilger

30. Hope Destroyed, Justice Denied: The Rape of Palestine
William A. Cook

31. Relative Humanity: The Essential Obstacle to a One-State Solution
Omar Barghouti

32. Slow-Motion Ethnic Cleansing
Uri Avnery

33. Israel’s Crimes against Palestinians: War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity, Genocide
Francis A. Boyle

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, Middle Eastern Politics, Political History, History of the Middle East, Political Science

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