Rubenfeld, Sheldon

Medicine after the Holocaust

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Sheldon Rubenfeld

Part 1. Eugenics, Euthanasia, Extermination

2. When Evil was Good and Good Evil: Remembrances of Nuremberg
Edmund D. Pellegrino

3. Medicine during the Nazi Period: Historical Facts and Some Implications for Teaching Medical Ethics and Professionalism
Volker Roelcke

4. Academic Medicine during the Nazi Period: The Implications for Creating Awareness of Professional Responsibility Today
William Seidelman

5. Misconceptions of “Race” as a Biological Category: Then and Now
Theresa M. Duello

6. Mad, Bad, or Evil: How Physician Healers Turn to Torture and Murder
Michael A. Grodin

7. Genetic Diversity Has Prevailed, Not the Master Race
Ferid Murad

Part 2. Medicine after the Holocaust

8. Genetics and Eugenics: A Personal Odyssey
James D. Watson

9. The Stain of Silence: Nazi Ethics and Bioethics
Arthur L. Caplan

10. The Legacy of the Nuremberg Doctors’ Trial to American Bioethics and Human Rights
George J. Annas

11. A More Perfect Human: The Promise and the Peril of Modern Science
Leon R. Kass

12. What Does “Medicine after the Holocaust” Have to Do with Aid in Dying?
Kathryn L. Tucker

13. Is Physician-Assisted Suicide Ever Permissible?
Wesley J. Smith

14. Cinematic Perspectives on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide
Glen O. Gabbard

15. Science, Medicine, and Religion in and after the Holocaust
John M. Haas

16. Why Science and Religion Need to Cooperate to Prevent a Recurrence of the Holocaust
Irving Greenberg

17. The Status of the Relationship between the Citizen and the Government
Ward Connerly

18. From Nuremberg to the Human Genome: The Rights of Human Research Participants
Henry T. Greely

19. Medical Professionalism: Lessons from the Holocaust
Jordan J. Cohen

20. Assessing Risk in Patient Care
George Paul Noon

21. Jewish Medical Ethics and Risky Treatments
Avraham Steinberg

22. Afterword
Sheldon Rubenfeld

Keywords: Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Cultural History, History of World War II and the Holocaust, History of Science, Modern History, Philosophy of Science

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