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Newstok, Scott L.

Weyward Macbeth

Newstok, Scott L. - Weyward <Emphasis Type="Italic">Macbeth</Emphasis>, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Beginnings

1. What Is a “Weyward” Macbeth?
Ayanna Thompson

2. Weird Brothers: What Thomas Middleton’s The Witch Can Tell Us about Race, Sex, and Gender in Macbeth
Celia R. Daileader

2. Early American Intersections

3. “Blood Will Have Blood”: Violence, Slavery, and Macbeth in the Antebellum American Imagination
Heather S. Nathans

4. The Exorcism of Macbeth: Frederick Douglass’s Appropriation of Shakespeare
John C. Briggs

5. Ira Aldridge as Macbeth
Bernth Lindfors

6. Minstrel Show Macbeth
Joyce Green MacDonald

7. Reading Macbeth in Texts by and about African Americans, 1903–1944: Race and the Problematics of Allusive Identification
Nick Moschovakis

3. Federal Theatre Project(s)

8. Before Welles: A 1935 Boston Production
Lisa N. Simmons

9. Black Cast Conjures White Genius: Unraveling the Mystique of Orson Welles’s “Voodoo” Macbeth
Marguerite Rippy

10. After Welles: Re-do Voodoo Macbeths
Scott L. Newstok

11. The Vo-Du Macbeth!: Travels and Travails of a Choreo-Drama Inspired by the FTP Production
Lenwood Sloan

4. Further Stages

12. A Black Actor’s Guide to the Scottish Play, or, Why Macbeth Matters
Harry J. Lennix

13. Asian-American Theatre Reimagined: Shogun Macbeth in New York
Alexander C. Y. Huang

14. The Tlingit Play: Macbeth and Native Americanism
Anita Maynard-Losh

15. A Post-Apocalyptic Macbeth: Teatro LA TEA’s Macbeth 2029
José A. Esquea

16. Multicultural, Multilingual Macbeth
William C. Carroll

5. Music

17. Reflections on Verdi, Macbeth, and Non-traditional Casting in Opera
Wallace McClain Cheatham

18. Ellington’s Dark Lady
Douglas Lanier

19. Hip-Hop Macbeths, “Digitized Blackness,” and the Millennial Minstrel: Illegal Culture Sharing in the Virtual Classroom
Todd Landon Barnes

6. Screen

20. Riddling Whiteness, Riddling Certainty: Roman Polanski’s Macbeth
Francesca Royster

21. Semper Die: Marines Incarnadine in Nina Menkes’s The Bloody Child: An Interior of Violence
Courtney Lehmann

22. Shades of Shakespeare: Colorblind Casting and Interracial Couples in Macbeth in Manhattan, Grey’s Anatomy, and Prison Macbeth
Amy Scott-Douglass

7. Shakespearean (A)Versions

23. Three Weyward Sisters: African-American Female Poets Conjure with Macbeth
Charita Gainey-O’Toole, Elizabeth Alexander

24. “Black up again”: Combating Macbeth in Contemporary African-American Plays
Philip C. Kolin

25. Black Characters in Search of an Author: Black Plays on Black Performers of Shakespeare
Peter Erickson

26. ObaMacbeth: National Transition as National Traumission
Richard Burt

27. Selected Productions of Macbeth Featuring Non-traditional Casting
Brent Butgereit, Scott L. Newstok

Keywords: Cultural and Media Studies, Film History, Poetry and Poetics, Literature, general, Environment, general, Theatre History, British and Irish Literature

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Signs of Race
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305 pages
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