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Civilian Jihad

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Maria J. Stephan

Part I. Overview

2. Theory and Dynamics of Nonviolent Action
Hardy Merriman

3. Questions and Controversies about Nonviolent Political Struggle in the Middle East
Ralph E. Crow, Philip Grant

4. No Silence, No Violence: A Post-Islamist Trajectory
Asef Bayat

5. Humor and Resistance in the Arab World and Greater Middle East
Khalid Kìshtainy

6. Islamists and Nonviolent Action
Shadi Hamid

7. Free at Last! Free at Last! Allahu Akbar, We Are Free at Last! Parallels between Modern Arab and Islamic Activism and the U.S. Civil Rights Movement
Rami G. Khouri

8. External Actors and Nonviolent Struggles in the Middle East
Stephen Zunes, Saad Eddin Ibrahim

Part II. Case Studies

9. The Muslim Pashtun Movement of the North-West Frontier of India, 1930–1934
Mohammad Raqib

10. Noncooperation in the Golan Heights: A Case of Nonviolent Resistance
R. Scott Kennedy

11. Palestinian Civil Resistance against Israeli Military Occupation
Mary Elizabeth King

12. The Nonviolent Struggle for Self-determination in Western Sahara
Salka Barca, Stephen Zunes

13. Lebanon’s Independence Intifada: How an Unarmed Insurrection Expelled Syrian Forces
Rudy Jaafar, Maria J. Stephan

14. Iran’s Islamic Revolution and Nonviolent Struggle
Mohsen Sazegara, Maria J. Stephan

15. Enough Is Not Enough: Achievements and Shortcomings of Kefaya, the Egyptian Movement for Change
Sherìf Mansour

16. The Orange Movement of Kuwait: Civic Pressure Transforms a Political System
Hamad Albloshì, Faisal Alfahad

17. Hizbullah: Delimiting the Boundaries of Nonviolent Resistance?
Rola el-Husseini

18. Winning the Mainstream: Arba Imahot, the Four Mothers Movement in Israel
Tamar Hermann

19. Popular Resistance against Corruption in Turkey and Egypt
Shaazka Beyerle, Arwa Hassan

20. The Iranian Women’s Movement: Repression Versus Nonviolent Resolve
Fariba Davoudi Mohajer, Roya Toloui, Shaazka Beyerle

21. Conclusion
Maria J. Stephan

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, Political Science, Middle Eastern Politics, Political Sociology, International Relations, Peace Studies

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