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Re-Orienting Whiteness

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Table of contents

1. Re-Orienting Whiteness: A New Agenda for the Field
Jane Carey, Leigh Boucher, Katherine Ellinghaus

Part I. Historians Approaching the Study of Whiteness

2. Whiteness and “the Imperial Turn”
Angela Woollacott

3. The Strange Career of Whiteness: Miscegenation, Assimilation, Abdication
Louise Newman

4. “Whiteness,” Geopolitical Reconfiguration, and the Settler Empire in Nineteenth-Century Victorian Politics
Leigh Boucher

Part II. Whiteness as a Transnational Colonial Production

5. Traveling White
Warwick Anderson

6. The Question of Miscegenation in the Politics of English-Speaking Countries in the Early Twentieth Century
Henry Reynolds

7. “Being Thankful for their Birth in a Christian Land”: Interrogating Intersections between Whiteness and Child Rescue
Shurlee Swain, Margot Hillel, Belinda Sweeney

8. “I Followed England Round the World”: The Rise of Trans-Imperial Anglo-Saxon Exceptionalism, and the Spatial Narratives of Nineteenth-Century British Settler Colonies of the Pacific Rim
Penelope Edmonds

Part III. Whiteness as a Settler-Colonial Identity

9. White is Wonderful: Emotional Conversion and Subjective Formation
Marilyn Lake

10. The Fabrication of White Homemaking: Louisa Meredith in Colonial Tasmania
Patricia Grimshaw, Ann Standish

11. Reading the Shadows of Whiteness: A Case of Racial Clarity on Queensland’s Colonial Borderlands, 1880–1900
Tracey Banivanua Mar

12. The Deluded White Woman and the Expatriation of the White Child
Margaret Allen

Part IV. Whiteness and the Imagining/Managing of Colonial Populations

13. “Women’s Objective—A Perfect Race”: Whiteness, Eugenics, and the Articulation of Race
Jane Carey

14. “Born and Nurtured in Darkest Ignorance”: White Imaginings of Aboriginal Maternity
Liz Conor

15. Rethinking “Squaw Men” and “Pakeha-Maori”: Legislating White Masculinity in New Zealand and Canada, 1840–1900
Angela Wanhalla

16. Into the White Man’s Kingdom: Whiteness and Indigenous Assimilation Policies in the United States and Australia, 1880s-1960s
Katherine Ellinghaus

Part V. Conclusion

17. Epilogue
Jane Carey, Leigh Boucher, Katherine Ellinghaus

Keywords: History, World History, Global and Transnational History, Cultural History, Ethnicity Studies, Social History

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