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France and Its Spaces of War

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Table of contents

1. War and Its Spaces: Introduction
Patricia M. E. Lorcin

Part I. War Experienced

2. Moralizing War: Military Enlightenment in Eighteenth-Century France
Christy Pichichero

3. “Unfortunate Necessities”: Violence and Civilization in the Conquest of Algeria
Jennifer E. Sessions

4. Spaces of War: Rural France, Fears of Famine, and the Great War
Martha Hanna

5. The Search for Civilian Safe Spaces: Re-evacuating Nord and Pas de Calais in Response to British Bombing, September 1940-March 1941
Nicole Dombrowski Risset

6. The Anglo-American Troops as Seen by French Labor Conscripts: Forms of Ambivalent Critical Support
Patrice Arnaud

7. De-Prussianizing the Saar: Lessons from the Second World War and the French Path to European Integration
Bronson Long

Part II. War Remembered or Forgotten

8. Pain and Memory: The War Wounds of Blaise de Monluc
Michael Wolfe

9. From the Chemin des Dames to Verdun: The Memory of the First World War in War Memorials in the Red Zone
Alexandre Niess

10. National Sacrifices, Local Losses: Politics and Commemoration in Interwar Alsace
Christopher J. Fischer

11. A Disembodied Memory: The Contemporary Legacy of the Great War Viewed through the Lens of the Political
Julien Fragnon

12. “Pedestals Dedicated to Absence”: The Symbolic Impact of the Wartime Destruction of French Bronze Statuary
Kirrily Freeman

13. Reflections on the Literary Vichy Syndrome since 1990: Contexts, Chronologies, Metamorphoses
Richard Golsan

Part III. War Imagined

14. Newspapers, Novels, and the Comic Book War
Libby Murphy

15. The Impact of the Great War on the Writing of Fernand Léger
Béatrice Vermer-Larochette

16. Artists, Commemorations, and Political Culture: The Example of the Great War
Annette Becker

17. La Victoire en chantant: The Cinematographic Transfer of World War I in Equatorial Africa, between Colonialism, Patriotism, and Politics
Floréal Jimenez Aguilera

18. Making Space for War: L’Action française, Je suis partout, and French Right-Wing Understandings of the Spanish Civil War
Paul Schue

19. American Audiovisual Propaganda in France, 1948–1955
Angélique Durand

20. Two Films and Two Wars in the Public Sphere
Steven Ungar

Keywords: History, European History, Modern History, History of Military, Cultural History, History of France, Social History

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