Nezu, Arthur M.

Evidence-Based Outcome Research: A Practical Guide to Conducting Randomized Controlled Trials for Psychosocial Interventions

Nezu, Arthur M. - Evidence-Based Outcome Research: A Practical Guide to Conducting Randomized Controlled Trials for Psychosocial Interventions, ebook


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Preface. Section I: Conceptual Issues. 1. The "Devil is in the Details:" Recognizing and Dealing with Threats to Validity in Randomized Controlled Trials, Arthur M. Nezu & Christine Maguth Nezu 2. Explanation of the CONSORT Statement with Application to Psychosocial Interventions, Kimberlee J. Trudeau, Elizabeth Mostofksy, Judith Stuhr, & Karina W. Davidson Section II: Assessment Issues. 3. Clinical Interviews, Thomas A. Widiger 4. Behavioral Assessment, Stephen N. Haynes, Joseph Keaw'aimoku Kaholokula, & Dawn T. Yoshioka 5. Self-Report Measures, Rocio Fernandez-Ballesteros & Juan Botella Section III: Methodological and Design Issues. 6. Sample Size and Statistical Power, Rand R. Wilcox 7. Subject Selection, David S. Festinger & David DeMatteo 8. Research Participant Recruitment and Retention, Joan S. Grant, James L. Raper, Duck-Hee Kang, & Michael Weaver 9. Random Assignment Procedures, Louis Hsu 10. Research Designs, Matthew K. Nock, Irene Belle Janis, & Michelle N. Wedig 11. Efficacy and Effectiveness in Developing Treatment Manuals, Kathleen M. Carroll & Bruce J. Rounsaville 12. Selecting, Training, and Supervising Therapists, Cory F. Newman & Judith S. Beck 13. Ensuring Treatment Integrity, Arthur M. Nezu & Christine Maguth Nezu Section IV. Data Analysis Issues 14. Data Analytic Frameworks: Analysis of Variance, Latent Growth, and Hierarchical Models, C. Hendricks Brown, Tracy E. Costigan, & Kimberly T. Kendziora 15. Statistical Procedures to Assess and Present Outcome, Fiona Fidler, Cathy Faulkner, & Geoff Cumming 16. Methods for Capturing the Process of Change, Adele M. Hayes, Jean-Philippe Laurenceau, & LeeAnn Cardaciotto 17. Assessing the Clinical Significance of Outcome Results, Michael J. Lambert, Nathan Hansen, & Stephanie Bauer 18. Assessing the Effect Size of Outcome Research, Ralph L. Rosnow & Robert Rosenthal Section V. Special Topics. 19. Ethical Issues, Michele Galietta & Barbara Stanley 20. Relevance of RCTs to Diverse Groups, Sopagna Eap & Gordon C. Nagayama Hall 21. Multi-Site Intervention Studies, Olle Jane Z. Sahler & Diane Fairclough Author Index. Subject Index.

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Keywords: Randomized Controlled Trials, Psychosocial Interventions

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