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Integrated Models of Cognitive Systems

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Section I: Beginnings.
1. Composition and Control of Integrated Cognitive Systems, Wayne D. Gray
2. Cognitive Control in a Computational Model of the Predator Pilot, Kevin A. Gluck, Jerry T. Ball, and Michael A. Krusmark
3. Some History of Human Performance Modeling, Richard W. Pew
Section II: Systems.
Introduction: Systems-level theories in computational cognitive modeling. Chris R. Sims and Vladislav D. Veksler
4. Using Brain Imaging to Guide the Development of a Cognitive Architecture, John R. Anderson
5. The Motivational and Metacognitive Control in CLARION, Ron Sun
6. Reasoning as Cognitive Self-Regulation, Nicholas L. Cassimatis
7. Construction/Integration Architecture: Dynamic Adaptation to Task Constraints, Randy J. Brou, Andrew D. Egerton, & Stephanie M. Doane
Section III: Visual Attention and Perception. Christopher W. Myers and Hansjorg Neth
8. Guided Search 4.0: Current Progress with a model of visual search, Jeremy M. Wolfe
9. Advancing Area Activation towards a General Model of Eye Movements in Visual Search, Marc Pomplun
10. The Modeling and Control of Visual Perception, Ronald A. Rensink
Section IV: Task Environment.
Introduction: Environmental Constraints on Integrated Cognitive Systems. Hansjorg Neth & Chris R. Sims
11. From disintegrated architectures of cognition to an integrated heuristic toolbox, Peter M. Todd and Lael J. Schooler
12. A Rational-Ecological Approach to the Exploration-Exploitation Tradeoffs: Bounded Rationality and Suboptimal Performance, Wai-Tat Fu
13. Sequential dependencies in human behavior offer insights into cognitive control, Michael C. Mozer, Sachiko Kinoshita, and Michael Shettel
14. Ecological Resources for Modeling Interactive Behavior and Embedded Cognition, Alex Kirlik
Section V: Emotion.
INTRODUCTION: Integrating Emotions, Motivation, and Arousal in Cognitive Systems. Vladislav D. Veksler & Michael J. Schoelles
15. Integrating Emotional Processes into Decision Making Models, Jerome R. Busemeyer, Eric Dimperio, and Ryan K. Jessup
16. The Architectural Role of Emotion in Cognitive Systems, Jonathan Gratch and Stacy Marsella
17. Decreased Arousal as a Result of Sleep Deprivation, Glenn Gunzelmann, Kevin A. Gluck, Scott Price, Hans P. A. Van Dongen, and David F. Dinges
18. Lessons from Defining Theories of Stress for Cognitive Architectures, Frank E. Ritter, Andrew L. Reifers, Laura Cousino Klein, Michael J. Schoelles
19. Reasons for Emotions: Modeling Emotions in Integrated Cognitive Systems, Eva Hudlicka
Section VI: Embodied Cognition.
20. On the Role of Embodiment in Modeling Natural Behaviors, Dana Ballard and Nathan Sprague
21. Questions Without Words: A Comparison Between Decision Making Under Risk and Movement Planning Under Risk, LAURENCE T. MALONEY, JULIA TROMMERSHAUSER, AND MICHAEL S. LANDY
22. Toward an Integrated, Comprehensive Theory of Visual Search, A. Hornof

Keywords: PSYCHOLOGY / Cognitive Psychology PSY008000

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