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Broca's Region

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Part 1: Matters Anatomical.
1. The Origin of Broca's Area and Its Connections from an Ancestral Working-Memory Network, Francisco Aboitiz, Ricardo Garcia, Enzo Brunetti, and Conrado Bosman
2. A Multimodal Analysis of Structure and Function in Broca's region, Katrin Amunts and Karl Zilles
3. Broca's Area in the Human and the Non-human Primate Brain, Michael Petrides
Part 2: Matters Linguistic.
4. Weak Syntax, Sergey Avrutin
5. Speech Production in Broca's Agrammatic Aphasia: Syntactic Tree Pruning, Na'ama Friedmann
6. A Blueprint for a Brain Map of Syntax, Yosef Grodzinsky
7. Evaluating Deficit Patterns of Broca Aphasics in the Presence of High Inter Subject Variability, Dan Drai
8. Treating Language Deficits in Broca's Aphasia, Lewis P. Shapiro and Cynthia K. Thompson
Part 3: Motor Aspects and Sign Language.
9. Broca's Region: A Speech Area?, Luciano Fadiga, Laila Craighero, Alice Roy
10. Broca's Area in System Perspective: Language in the Context of Action-Oriented Perception, Michael Arbib
11. The Role of Broca's Area in Sign Language, Karen Emmorey
Part 4: Psycholinguistic Investigation.
12. Broca's Area and Lexical-semantic Processing, Stefano F. Cappa and Daniela Perani
13. The Neural Basis of Sentence Processing: Inferior Frontal and Temporal Contributions, Angela D. Friederici
14. Involvement of the Left and Right Frontal Operculum in Speech and Nonspeech Perception and Production, Martin E. Meyer & Lutz Jancke
15. On Broca, Brain and Binding, Peter Hagoort
16. A Role for Broca's Area Beyond Language Processing: Evidence from Neuropsychology and fMRI, Gereon R. Fink, Zina M. Manjaly, Klaas E. Stephan, Jennifer M. Gurd, Karl Zilles, Katrin Amunts, and John C. Marshall
17. Discussion, Karl Zilles, Luciano Fadiga, Sergey Avrutin, Francisco Aboitiz, Stefano Cappa, Kyle Johnson, Gereon Fink, Yosef Grodzinsky, Michael Arbib, Peter Hagoort, Lewis Shapiro, Na'ama Friedmann, Karen Emmorey, Norbert Herschkovitz, Michael Petrides, Katrin Amunts
Part 5: Historical Articles, Introduction. Katrin Amunts and Yosef Grodzinsky
18. Comments Regarding the Seat of the Faculty of Spoken Language, Followed by an Observation of Aphemia (Loss of Speech) Paul Broca (1824-1880), Translated by Yosef Grodzinsky from "Remarques sur le Siege de la Faculte du Langage Articule, Suivies d'une Observation d'aphemie (Perte de la Parole)," in Bulletin de la Societe Anatomique de Paris (1861)
19. On Affections of Speech from Disease of the Brain John Hughlings-Jackson (1835-1911) From Brain, 1, 304-330 (1878)
20. On Aphasia Ludwig Lichtheim (1845-1928) From Brain: A Journal of Neurology (January 1885)
21. The division of the human cortex Korbinian Brodmann (1868-1918) From Contributions to a Histological Localization of the Cerebral Cortex, translated by Yosef Grodzinsky from Beitrage zur histologischen Lokalisation der Grosshirnrinde. VI: Die Cortexgliederung des Menschen, in Journal fur Psychologie und Neurologie X (6):231-246 (1908)
22. The Agrammatical Language Disturbance Arnold Pick (1854-1924), Translated by Yosef Grodzinsky from "Die agrammatischen Sprachstorungen," in Studien zur psychologischen Grundlegung der Aphasielehre (1913)
23. The Cytoarchitectonics of the Fields Constituting Broca's area L[othar?] Riegele, Translated by Yosef Grodzinsky from "Die Cytoarchitektonik der Felder der Broca'schen Region," in Journal fur Psychologie und Neurologie, 42 (5), 496-514 (1931)
24. The Phonological Development of Child Language and Aphasia as a Linguistic Problem Roman Jakobson (1896-1982) From Fundamentals of Language [with Morris Halle] (Mouton Hague, 1956)
25. Grammatical Complexity and Aphasic Speech Harold Goodglass (1920-2002) and J. Hunt From Word, 14, 197-207 (1958)
26. The Organization of Language and the Brain Norman Geschwind (1926-1984)from Science (November 27, 1970)
27. 27. Broca's Area and Broca's Aphasia Jay P. Mohr (1937- ) from Studies in Neurolinguistics [Haiganoosh and Harry A. Whitaker, eds.] (Academic, 1979)

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