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Handbook of Social Work in Health and Aging

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Part I: Social Work Practice and Other Adults with Chronic Physical Conditions
Section Editor: Amy Horowitz
1. Older Adults with Cancer, Peter Maramaldi and Joghyun Lee
2. Older Adults with Age-Related Cardiovascular Disease, Amy Ai and Lynn Carrigan
3. Older Adults with Diabetes and Complications, Richard Francoeur and Jennifer Elkin
4. Older Adults with Orthopedic and Mobility Conditions, Helen Miltaedis and Lenard Kaye
5. Older Adults with Developmental Disabilities, Elizabeth Lightfoot
6. Older Adults with Age-Related Sensory Loss, Cynthia Stuen
7. Aging and Functional Disability, Michelle Putnam
8. HIV-Infected and HIV-Affected Older Adults, Cynthia Poindexter and Charles Emlet
Part II: Social Work Practice and Older Adults with Mental Health Problems
Section Editor: Deborah Padgett
9. Older Adults with Neurological Disorders without Significant Dementia, Gladys Gonzalez-Ramos
10. Older Adults Suffering from Significant Dementia, Ron Toseland and Michael Parker
11. Older Adults with Mental and Emotional Problems, Zvi Gellis
12. Older Adults with Substance/Alcohol Abuse Problems, Tazuko Shibusawa
13. Older Adults at Risk for Suicide, Margaret Adamek and Greta M. Yoder-Slater
Part III: Social Work Practice and Special Populations of Older Adults and Caregivers
Section Editor: David Biegel
14. Elders Living in Poverty, David Biegel and Sylvia Liebbrandt
15. Older Adults and Work in the 21st Century, Shelly Akabas and Lauren Gates
16. The Oldest Old, Ruth Dunkle and Hae-Sook Jeon
17. Immigrant and Refugee Elders, Ailee Moon and Siyon Rhee
18. Mistreated and Neglected Elders, Susan Tomita
19. Aging Prisoners, Ron Aday
Part IV: Cultural Diversity and Social Work Practice with Older Adults
Section Editor: Letha Chadiha
20. Older African Americans and Other Black Populations, Letha Chadiha, Edna Brown, and Maria Aranda
21. Older Asian Americans, Jong Won and Ailee Moon
22. Older Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transgender Persons, Sandra Butler
23. Older Latinos: A Mental Health Perspective, Maria Aranda
24. Native American Elders: Unique Histories and Special Needs, Amanda Barusch
25. Older Adults in Other Minority Groups, Collette Browne and Virginia Richardson
Part V: Social Work Practice in Palliative and End of Life Care
Section Editor: Judy Howe
26. Roles of Social Workers in Palliative and End of Life Care, Judy Howe and Louise Daratsos
27. Psychosocial Services at the End of Life, Irene Gutheil and Margaret Souza
Part VI: Family and Intergenerational Social Work Practice in Special Caregiving Situations
Section Editor: Marsha Seltzer
28. Caregivers to Older Adults, Jan Greenberg, Marsha Seltzer, and Eva Brewer
29. Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: Who Are They?, Nancy Kropf and Eunkyung Yoon
30. Older Adults as Caregivers to Persons with Developmental and/or Physical Disabilities, Philip McCallion
31. Older Latino Family Caregivers, Sandra Magana
32. Rural African American Caregiving, Iris Carlton-LaNey
33. Caregiving at a Distance, Michael Parker, Wesley Church, and Ronald Toseland
Part VII: Social Work Practice in the Community with Older Adults and their Families/Caregivers
Section Editor: Amanda Barusch
A. Settings for Practice:
34. Generalized and Specialized Hospitals, Patricia Volland and David Keepnews
35. Home Care Settings, Ted Benjamin and Edna Naito-Chan
36. Department of Public Welfare or Social Services, Patricia Brownwell
37. Geriatric Care Management Settings, Carmen Morano and Barbara Morano
38. Hospices, Deborah Waldrop
39. Community Mental Health Centers, Sherry Cummings
40. Senior Centers, Philip Rozario
41. Health Maintenance Organizations and Managed Care Companies, W. June Simmons and Susan Enguidanos
42. Social Service and Health Planning Agencies, Rob Hudson
43. The Workplace, Shelly Akabas and Lauren Gates
44. Substance Abuse Networks, Connie Corley, Muriel Gray, and R. Yakimo
Social Service Resources Available Through Community Settings:
45. Case Management Services, Matthias Naleppa
46. Counseling Services and Support Groups, Leah Ruffin and Lenard Kaye
47. Services to Support Caregivers of Older Adults, Sandra Crewe and Sandra Chipungu
48. Advocacy and Protection of Older Adults, Jordan Kosberg, Max Rothman, and Burton Dunlop
49. Services and Housing Issues, Judith Gonyea
50. Services for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Older Adults, Bradley Zodikoff
51. Services for HIV-Infected and HIV-Affected Older Adults, Charles Emlet and Cynthia Poindexter
Part VIII: Social Work Practice with Older Adults and Their Families in Long-Term Residential Care
Section Editor: Rosalie Kane
52. A Social Worker's Historical Perspective on Residential Care, Rosalie Kane
53. Nursing Homes, Betsy Vourlekis and Kelsey Simons
54. Residential Care Settings for Veterans, Marylou Guihan
55. The Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program, Ruth Huber, Ellen Netting, Kevin Borders and H.W. Nelson
56. Long-Term Residential Settings for Older Persons with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness, Jeanette Semke
57. Culture Change in Long Term Care, Wendy Lustbader and Carter Catlett Williams
58. Dementia Special Care Units in Residential Care, Lisa Gwyther and Rosalie Kane
59. Transitions from Nursing Homes to Community Settings, Robert Mollica
60. Continuing Care Retirement Communities, F. Ellen Netting and Cindy Wilson
61. Assisted Living Settings, Sheryl Zimmerman, Jean Munn, and Terry Koenig
62. Adult Foster Care and Adult Family Care, Vera Prosper
63. Congregate Housing, Nancy Sheehan and Waldo Klein
64. Residence-Based Care: New York's NORC-Supportive Service Program Model, Fredda Vladeck
Part IX: Assessment and Intervention with Older Adults and their Families/Caregivers
Section Editor: Kathleen McInnis-Dittrich and James Lubben
A. Assessment
65. Comprehensive and Multidimensional Geriatric Assessment, Scott Geron
66. Abbreviated and Targeted Geriatric Assessment, James Lubben
67. Standardized Measures Commonly Used in Geriatric Assessment, Rosalie Kane
B. Theories and Modes of Practice Intervention with Older Adults and their Families/Caregivers:
68. Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions, Kathleen McInnis-Dittrich
69. Family and Group Interventions, Roberta Greene and Joyce Riley
70. Interdisciplinary Team Practices, M. Joanna Miller
71. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Denis Cronin
72. Reminiscence and Life Review, Berit Ingersoll-Dayton and Angela Bommarito
73. Strengths-Based and Solutions-Focused Approaches to Practice, Rosemary Chapin, Holly Nelson-Becker, and Kelly Macmillan
74. Use of Spirituality in Interventions, Holly Nelson-Becker, Mitsuko Nakashima, and Edward Canda
Advocacy and Empowerment Models:
75. Approaches to Empowering Individuals, Kevin Mahoney and Karen Zgoda
76. National Advocacy Groups for Older Adults, Linda Harootyan and Gregg O'Neill
Section Editor: Namkee Choi
77. Federal Income Maintenance Policies and Programs, Namkee Choi
78. Private Retirement Benefits, Rob Hudson
79. Policies Affecting Health, Mental Health, and Caregiving: Medicare, Ji Seon Lee
80. Policies Affecting Health, Mental Health, and Caregiving: Medicaid, Colleen Galambos
81. Policies Affecting Long-Term Care and Long-Term Care Institutions, Li-Mei Chen
82. Policies Affecting Community-Based Social Services, Housing, and Transportation, Sharon Keigher
83. Policies Related to Competency and Proxy Issues, Kathleen Wilber and Gretchen Alkema
84. Policies Related to End of Life Care, Victoria Raveis
85. Policies Affecting Families of Dependent Older Adults, Lydia Li and Jane Rafferty
86. Policies to Protect the Rights of Older Adults, Joan Davitt
Section Editor: James Lubben
87. World Population Aging, Jame

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